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Table lamp from rope and plastic

This modern table lamp is easy to make using rope and a sheet of plastic, you can even recycle plastic bottles to make the table lamp. The base of the lamp is a pot trivet that you will find at home decor stores, and you will also need 2-core electrical cable, a lampholder and an on/off switch that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.



Plastic, sheet or cut from plastic bottles
Lampholder and CFL globe
2-core electrical cable
On/off clicker
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Pot trivet (at home decor stores)
Piece of card
Bostik invisible tape



If you want to dye your rope before creating the table lamp, mix us a dye solution or use food colouring to stain in your choice of colour. Put the rope aside to dry.

Cut the plastic sheet to make the lamp shade. Use Bostik invisible tape to join the sections together to create any shape you like. You can even join more than one sheet together to create the template, so make use of plastic cold drink bottles, etc.

Cut out a piece of card or thick plastic to mount to the top of your pot trivet using a glue gun.

Cut a hole in the centre of the card so that you can thread through the 2-core cable for your lampholder. Attach the wires in the cable to the connectors in the lampholder.

After connecting the wires, pull the cord through the base so that it sits nicely on top of the trivet, and secure in place with a hot glue gun.

Now you can secure your plastic template in place, also using a hot glue gun to secure at the bottom.

Starting at the bottom, and using a blob of hot glue to secure the end, start wrapping the plastic template with your rope. Add small blobs of glue to secure as you work your way to the top. Secure the end on the inside of the template with a blob of hot glue.

The peg isn't necessary but it does add a quirky touch to the completed lampshade. After you have made one you will realise that these plastic and rope table lamps are so easy to make that you will want one in every room!


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