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Easy flower stand for a spring display

I hate to throw anything out and have been collecting the plastic containers for QuikWood. Now I can use them to make an easy flower stand for a spring display of fresh flowers.


All you need for this spring flower stand is some scrap pieces of plywood, or any other timber or board for that matter, and plastic or glass tubes. Your local Builders store also stocks a variety of board and timber products.



1. Cut the top, bottom and sides as required. The width of the top and bottom should be around 100mm wide, while the height will be determined by the height of the holders.

2. Draw a line down the centre of the top.

3. Evenly space the containers along this line and mark for drilling out the holes.

4. Clamp the top on your workbench. Use a spade bit or hole saw slightly larger than the diameter of the containers. I used a 32mm spade bit. Only drill a hole to half the depth.

Place a scrap of wood underneath the top to prevent damage to your workbench or work surface.

5. Turn the board over to continue drilling the holes. This allows you to avoid ripping the edges of the holes.

6. Use Pattex No More Nails adhesive or wood glue to join the sections together.

7. Clamp together for a couple of hours. Use a cloth to wipe away any excess adhesive that oozes out of the joins.

And there you have it.  Now you can leave as is or stain and seal in your choice of finish.


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