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Delicate enamel wire flowers

Hard to believe that this delicate flowers are made of wire and nail polish. Jewellers wire is wrapped to create the shape of the flowers and then filled with a drop of nail polish. While you may need a couple of practice runs to master the technique, but once you do you will want to make lots of these pretty flowers.






To make your delicate wire flowers you need to wrap thin jewellers wire around a tube. A smooth pencil, thin dowel, or any other small tube will work. The petals should be approximately 5mm in size. Any larger and you will find it difficult to capture a drop of nail polish.

Cut a long piece of wire to a length of about 40cm and bend over so that you have two strands of wire to work with. Twist a couple of time to form the first petal shape.

Each petal shape is formed by wrapping wire around the tube and then twisting the wire strands to create separate petals.

This is how your wrapped and twisted petals should look to form a complete flower. Put down a sheet of newspaper where you will be working. Dip the brush into the nail polish and fill will a large amount of polish. Run the brush gently down the shape until the varnish catches on the sizes.

Make up a single wire petal to use for practicing on. My first attempt took 5 runs from the top of the petal to catch the varnish in the shape.

Hold the petal in your hand until the varnish dries. You can gently blow to speed up the drying process, but ONLY blow from the side on. If you blow onto the top the layer will burst and you'll have to start again. Let the first layer of varnish dry before applying a further three coats of varnish to your flowers. Put in a safe place to dry overnight before putting out on display.


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