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Crafty ways with macramé

Who would have thought that macramé would be just as trendy today as it was 30 years ago. Easy and affordable, here are a few ideas for getting crafty with macramé.


Macramé has evolved from being a crafty way to make your own plant hangers, into a way to use rope and twine to craft a variety of home accessories.

From beautifully detailed wall hangings to practical furniture, macramé is the trendy way to make your own. There are hundreds of videos on You Tube that offer detailed instructions on macramé basics and the various knots that can be used to craft a variety of macramé projects.

Today's modern macramé designs bring together traditional techniques in new and inventive ways. Take a look at some of the beautiful crafts that can be made with a few basic knots and some rope or twine:

Macramé wall hangings are a way to display your craft for all to see. Making a simple wall hanging is also a great way to practice the various knots and techniques, and take your macramé to the next level. Start off with a basic design and then learn how to incorporate different knotting techniques.

Not just plant hangers and wall decoration, macramé can be used to create practical furniture that oh so good to look at. The hanging macramé chair below is made using two hoops; a large one at the top and a smaller hoop at the base. Find instructions at for making your own hanging macramé chair.

Indoors or outdoors on a patio or deck, a hanging chair is just the thing for relaxing on a hot day. Make your own macramé hanging chair and hang in a corner or shady spot for a place to relax with a good book or glass of chilled wine.

Once you've mastered a few basic knots you will be ready to do something a little more difficult. How about this adorable macramé chair swing. Hang from a ceiling beam or door frame and let your little one have fun. 

Here's another fantastic idea for using macramé... this beautiful macramé crib gently sways and allows breezes to caress your baby on hot days. While the macramé trend may come and go, items like these are sure to stay forever.

Use macramé techniques to make your own outdoor accessories, like this hanging coffee table. It becomes an instant conversation piece!

Need privacy? Make up a hanging macramé privacy screen that can be hung from the ceiling. You can keep it plain and simple, or incorporate beads for a more throwback, retro look.

And not just for outdoors... this macramé curtain offers privacy without blocking out natural light. Mount from an existing curtain track or wrap around a pine dowel that can be hung from the ceiling.

To close off small areas, a privacy screen is perfect, and you can make your own privacy screen by incorporating macramé panels for a romantic feel.

Today, there are so many ways to use macramé in practical ways. Put aside the tools and use macramé to make your own shelves. These lacy designs look fantastic on a wall and can be combined with reclaimed timber, driftwood or pine offcuts.


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