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Modern concrete design accessories

Concrete, in its many forms, is being used an architectural and artistic material. Top young designers are getting crafty with cement to craft unique concrete decor.

Recognised as an object d'art, the Weight Vase is designed by Decha Archjananun and uses cement as an art form. Concrete vases in 2 parts function together to bring a new perspective on the traditional flower vase.

While these vases are available for purchase overseas, you can easily make your own concrete vases. We offer a variation of this design for a simple concrete vase and you can buy the supplies at your local Builders Warehouse.


Poycell Rockset

Mixing bowl*

Photo- quality printer paper (must have a glossy finish on one side)

PVA craft glue

Craft knife and self-healing mat

Printed template (small - large)


Spray 'n Cook


Oil-based paint or primer

Pine dowels (20 - 25mm is a good size)

*Use a plastic bowl for mixing so that this can be thrown away after use. Under no circumstances must you pour leftover mix down the drain.



1. Cut out the printed templates.   

2. Assemble the templates according to the instructions provided on them. The glossy side should be on the inside and there must be no gaps, so glue the flaps down firmly.

3. Apply a coat of oil-based paint or primer to the outside of the assembled template. This will ensure a good seal around all the joins. Let this dry overnight.  

4. Mix a batch of Polycell Rockset according to the instructions on the pack. You don't want a mixture that is too runny, so add water slowly until you have a porridge consistency. 

5. Pour the cement mix into the mould to about three-quarters full. Spray the dowels liberally with Spray 'n Cook and gently push these into the mixture to about halfway down, making sure they are perfectly straight.

6. Leave the concrete to cure for about 5 to 7 days and then peel away the paper mould. Your concrete vases are now ready for use. 

You can leave the concrete vases in their raw state or add a splash of colour with craft paint.


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