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Get Crafty with Doilies

Doilies are easy to make and fun to craft with, and you can use doilies for a variety of household projects and practical decor accessories.


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If you have some time to fill during the holidays and enjoy getting crafty, we've put together a selection of easy crafts that you can make using doilies.





Everyone has a doily or two stashed away in a drawer, perhaps handed down from your grandma or favourite aunt. While doilies might be considered old fashioned, there are many ways to use doilies to craft practical and handy items for the home -  with a lacy doily touch!

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Dress up plain bangles and bracelets with a decorative doily that is hot glued in place. If you have a relative that still loves to make doilies, ask them to make a specific size for you.

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Use doilies to add texture to your air-dry clay projects. This beautiful clay tree ornament is achieved by pressing a yarn doily into the surface of the clay while still wet. You can use this same method to craft air-dry clay bowls and ornaments.

If you have a pendant light or lamp that needs a little something extra, it is so easy to dress them up with a doily. However, only do this project if you use LED light bulbs, as these don't get as hot as other lighting lamps.

One of my favourites in this selection is to use doilies to dress up a nursery quilt. This is a great idea for a baby girl's cot or crib and just adds that little extra personal touch to a modern nursery.

Here's an easy way to dress up plain cushions. Simply sew on a doily or two to add pattern and texture to a piece of furniture.

For even more impact, add a few pieces of lacy trim to the cushions. The ethereal effect of using lacy and doilies is wonderful for adding a bit of interest to a sofa or accent chair.

A plain tablecloth is easily dressed up by sewing on a couple of doilies around the edge. If you're not great at sewing, buy some iron-on (double-sided) fusing tape and simply iron your doilies onto a tablecloth.

And let's not forget about the dining table. If you prefer not to use a tablecloth but need to dress up the table for a special occasion, sew together a strip of doilies with assorted patterns and designs. It really looks quite nice.

Another easy idea for adding a bit of extra detail to any room is to add doilies to plain white or sheer curtains. By doing this you not only transform plain curtains into a feature, you also add interest to a room. Don't use too many heavy yarn doilies for this project though, you don't want to weigh down the airy fabric.



Doilies are great for craft projects as well.

There are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest that show how easy it is to use doilies for a variety of craft projects. Make your own doily lights. Simply soak your doilies in watered down craft glue, wrap them around a semi-inflated balloon, let dry and then remove the balloon. Place the doily lights over LED fairly lights to dress up a party or celebration.

Just goes to show, what you may have considered as too old fashioned to have on display in your home now becomes a trendy decor accessory.



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