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Rope wrapped basket

Use cotton or cotton-blend rope to transform everyday items into pretty pieces for a home. You can use cotton rope to wrap plastic bins and boxes, and many other items, to create inexpensive and practical storage for a home.

Transform everyday household items with some cotton rope and turn them into beautiful pieces. A simple plastic waste bin is sprayed with Rust-Oleum 2X gloss seaside and wrapped with rope before being put to use as a practical storage container in a bedroom.

All you need to create pretty and practical storage are plastic bins or containers, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, and some food colouring if you want to dye the rope. You can use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to change the colour of plastic items. Choose a colour that complements the rope finish or matches the colour you will be using to dye the rope.

Start at the base or top of the container and secure the end with a bead of hot glue. Work your way up (or down) to finish wrapping. If the container has a lip like this one, work from the outside of the bin, applying a bead of hot glue to secure the end, and wrap the rope over the top of the lip, securing the end with another bead of hot glue.

You can wrap almost any sturdy item with rope... even plastic ice cream tubs. Take a trip to your nearest discount plastic store, or hoard plastic containers and tubs, and make your own rope wrapped storage containers.

You can even use rope to wrap bargain buys or to revamp old furniture. You will find a selection of ropes, from cotton to jute, at your local Builders Warehouse.

Tired of that dated lampshade... revamp with some cotton rope or jute. Food colouring comes in handy if you need to change the colour - but do test the colour before you dip the entire roll of string in a diluted mixture.

You can update lampshades with a roll of rope or twine. Simply hot glue one end - wrap - and hot glue the other end.

Turn aluminium coffee cans into decorative and practical decor for your home using a piece of rope or twine. Or repurpose perspex display boxes and galvanised tubs.

I am so loving this rope wrapped desk and have seen several styles while browsing the Internet. DO seal with a clear acrylic or Rust-Oleum polyurethane sealer to protect the finish.

And last but definitely not least... use rope to wrap an old door to make a beautiful textured headboard.


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