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Use ping pong balls to make unique lighting

Ping pong balls are an inexpensive way to make your own contemporary lighting, especially when combined with LED or CFL light sources.


LED and CFL lighting not only saves energy, it also produces hardly any heat. For this reason, it's easy to make many types of lighting not previously safe due to the amount of heat generated by incandescent and halogen light bulbs. One fun, easy option to make your own contemporary lighting is to use ping pong balls.

You can buy ping pong balls, or children's plastic balls, at most larger cash and carry or game stores. They are inexpensive and easy to use. All you need is an idea, a fitting, and some time to make your contemporary light fitting.

You can use any shape of lampshade or frame to make your own contemporary lighting.





To add a fun element to any party or celebration, simply cut an 'X' shape in the ping pong ball with a craft knife to pop over the LED globe.

You can use LED fairy lights to make any item and interesting feature. Above, a ladder made using cut branches becomes a decorative feature - inexpensive and dramatic - with string fairy lights and ping pong balls. Below, an old window frame is wrapped with a string of fairly lights covered with ping pong balls to make a feature piece.

Ping pong balls are perfect for disguising LED string lights to create a wonderful, romantic table setting for a special celebration.


Below are some commercial lighting designs that incorporate the use of ping pong balls.


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