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Ideas for using rope in the home

A new craft that is trending across the Internet is to use rope, both indoors and out, as a substitute for traditional materials and as a way to incorporate natural materials in home decor. Rope is being used as staircase railings, for fences, and to hang pictures, as well as many more creative ways to use rope.


You don't need to be a sailor to appreciate the beauty of using natural rope in the home. I think it's great that rope decor has become a trendy accessory. I love using rope for various projects and it's easily available at my local Builders Warehouse and other sources. If you live at the coast you will have even more rope options to choose from. Add rope trim to furniture to add rustic charm.

Monkey knots are easy once you get the hang of it. You will find plenty of instructions for making monkey knots on the Internet, so why not give it a try. I am amazed at how many projects can be made using monkey knots.

Plant an oversized rope monkey knot with colourful succulents for a unique garden feature. You can stain the rope a darker colour using a wood stain.

If you don't have 'faith' in your wood carving skills there's 'hope' by using rope to create a piece of wall art that you will 'love'.

Celtic knots are another way to turn rope into creative home decor. Again, there are plenty of instructions for the different types of celtic knots that you can search for on Google, and you can pick and choose the ones you like to create unique home accessories. You can use celtic knots for placemats, table runners, wall decor and even door mats.

Ideas for using rope in the bathroom allow you to make your own inexpensive bathroom accessories. Towel rails threaded over cuphooks fastened to the wall or moulding add a nautical theme to a plain bathroom.

Turn plastic bins and cheap containers into attractive storage bins for the home. Use food colouring to dye cotton rope if you want to add colour. Use a hot glue gun to secure rope to bins or containers.

If you want to make baskets or rope bowls from scratch using only rope, sew the rope together using embroidery thread and a long needle.

Cotton or jute rope rugs are affordable to make and you can simply coil the rope to shape and hot glue this onto a fabric mat, or put your crochet or macramé crafts to use and make a decorative rope mat.

There are so many quick and easy ideas for using rope for home decor accessories and you can combine these with your DIY skills to craft a variety of items.

There are plenty of ideas for DIY lighting before, but I'm always amazed at the ways to dress up a light fitting. Use rope to cover up a dated chandelier, light fitting or table lamp. Use rope and a hot glue gun to transform an ugly chandelier into a trendy fittings.

Want to make a coiled rope lamp base? Thread thin wire through the rope to be able to bend and shape and then soak in PVC glue - one that dries clear.

I think the idea of incorporating rope into a staircase is brilliant. A rope bannister adds a decorative touch to a plain staircase, or what about wrapping a steel bannister with rope.

You will find plenty of ideas for using rope outdoors. Instead of a traditional railings, install a rope railing.

Close off a patio or balcony with a rope railing wrapped around split poles. You will find assorted split poles available at suppliers around the country.


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