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Make your own clay bowls

You can make these decorative air dry clay bowls for your home, or they would make the perfect gift for a friend.

Air dry clay is such an easy way to craft a variety of decorative project. Unlike conventional clay, air dry clay is left to dry on its own. You can buy air dry clay at craft and hobby stores, and at certain Builders Warehouse stores around the country. Once dry, you can paint air dry clay with acrylic craft paint, Rust-Oleum 2X or Universal spray paint, spray with a clear polyurethane sealer, or even apply gilding in silver and gold.


Air dry clay

Stamp pad, or item to use as a stamp

Rolling pin

Palette or butter knife

Pigment inkpad

Glass or ceramic bowls

120-grit sandpaper or medium sanding sponge

Rust-Oleum Polyurethane Sealer spray, clear in satin or gloss



1. Knead the clay until soft and then roll out to about 5mm thick.

2. Apply ink to your stamp and press firmly onto the clay. Repeat to cover the clay with your stamped design.

GOOD TO KNOW: To prevent the clay from sticking to your work surface, roll over a piece of greaseproof paper.

3. Place an upside down bowl over the clay and cut around the edge of the bowl.

4. Carefully place the clay circle inside your bowl and gently press down into the bowl by applying even pressure.

5. Leave to dry overnight in a warm, dry place. Once dry the printed side of the clay should be dry enough to remove from the bowl. The other side will still be damp, so place your bowls upside down on a rack to allow both sides to dry fully.

GOOD TO KNOW: You don't want the clay to dry too fast, as this may cause cracking.

 6. . Once the bowls are completely dry, gently sand away any rough edges with sandpaper or a sanding sponge.


To ensure your bowls are protected, add a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum clear polyurethane spray sealer in satin or gloss.


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