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Make concrete bowls for your pets

These concrete bowls are ideal for pets - cats or dogs - and you can make a food and water bowl using the same method.


These concrete food and water bowls are ideal for your pets. They can't push them around, they can't pick them up and play with them, and they're made of durable concrete.

In this project by Home/Tuis my favourite print magazine, we show you how to make the larger water bowl, and you can use the same method to make the pretty food bowl.






Lafarge DuraBuild cement

Coarse building sand

Plastic buckets and bowls, and enamel or stainless steel bowls

Spray and Cook or silicone spray

Air-dry clay

Letter moulds (or cut out freehand)

Rolling pin

Rubber gloves







1. Roll out the clay to a thickness of around 6mm.

2. Use the alphabet moulds to cut out the wording, or use a craft knife to cut out freehand.

3. Place the clay letters in reverse on the inside of the plastic mould you will use for the water bowl. By placing them in reverse, they will show the correct way once the water bowl is finished.

4. Combine the ingredients for the concrete mix. Start with dry ingredients and then slowly add water until the mixture is the consistency of stodgy porridge or pap.

5. Work with your hands until thoroughly mixed.

GOOD TO KNOW: Spray the inside of the container for the form with spray 'n cook so that it will be easy to release on the concrete has cured.

6. Place an enamel or stainless steel bowl upside down in the container and start to add the cement mix. Press down firmly as you add more mix.





7. Cover the entire bowl with cement mix.

8. Gently tap the container a few times to release any trapped air bubbles.

9. Leave the cement to cure for at least 48 hours, after which you can carefully tap and remove from the mould.

10. Use a sharp knife to remove the modelling clay letters, as shown below.

Visit Lafarge for more information on their range of products and helpful tips for when working with cement and concrete.



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