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Pretty breakfast tray

Re-purpose an old door or drawer front, or make a basic tray using SupaWood offcuts, and dress up with tile to make a pretty breakfast tray.

Here's a crafty way to surprise your Mom on Mother's Day. Make a breakfast tray using an old door or drawer front, or make your own tray, and top off with vintage or colourful tiles. 


Door or drawer front

Vintage or colourful patterned tiles

Bosch Tile Cutter

Flexible tile adhesive

Notched trowel

Rubber squeegee

Tiling sponge

Tile scribe or china marker


Bucket of clean water



1. Work out the placing for the tiles. You want to try and find tiles that fit into the frame. I think it is better to use some offcuts to make your own tray and then you can make this to fit the tiles that you have. Use a scribe or china marker to mark the cutting lines.

2. Use the tile cutter to cut all the tiles diagonally to make a wonderful pattern on the finished tray.

3. Use a notched trowel to spread the adhesive over the base of the tray. You want an even layer of adhesive over the entire surface. When you press down the tiles any adhesive that oozes out can be used to fill the gaps between the tiles.

4. Rub the squeegee over the tiled surface to ensure all the gaps are filled in and to remove excess adhesive. Leave for a couple of hours and then wipe with a slightly damp sponge. Leave overnight before polishing with a soft cloth.


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