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New Bosch tile cutters

Anyone who does their own tiling will appreciate the precisely accurate cutting results and reduced risk of shattering tiles with the new Bosch PTC 470 and PTC 640 tile cutters featuring innovative slashing and breaking technique.


With innovative tile slashing and breaking technique, the new Bosch tile cutters offer improved accuracy when cutting your own tiles for tiling projects.

Both models feature a sturdy, die-cast aluminium base plate with rubber feet and a clamping device to eliminate shifting during use. All you have to do is simply place the tile against the guide edges at the front of the tool. The integrated spring mechanism on the cutters adapt to the thickness of the tile, ensuring that it remains fixed during the cutting process.

The titanium-coated cutting wheel at the bottom of the scoring lever is slid over the entire tile using light pressure, while a breaking stamp integrated into the sides is then folded down, and used to break the tile cleanly at the slashing line.

The PTC 640 model boasts a movable stop for repeat cuts, as well as a fold-out support extension for more stability when cutting larger tiles (up to 640 mm in length). The PTC 470 is more suited for cutting tiles up to 470 mm in length. Both tile cutters are suitable for cutting ceramic wall and floor tiles of up to a 12 mm thickness.





These new tile cutters achieve high precision in straight as well as in diagonal cuts, thanks to a 45-degree guide which comes with the tool. In order to ensure accurate cutting every time, both cutters also a boast a scale on the ruler, which serves as a helpful guide.

The Bosch PTC 470 and PTC 640 tile cutters are robust and compact, weighing 7,4 kg and 9,1 kg respectively. Both are equipped with two carrying handles for easy transportation, while the moving parts on the tools are protected by a transport safety lock.