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Make a Macramé Coaster and then a Macramé Rug

Start your macramé crafts with a small coaster and then use your newfound skill to make a macramé rug.




If you have been wanting to get more crafty with macramé but keep putting it off, you'll love this easy tutorial for making a macramé coaster. Once you have made the coaster, you can put your newfound skills towards making a macramé rug or table runner.

I found this project on and Isabella also has plenty of macramé resources and tutorials you will find extremely useful in you want to take crafting with macramé even further.







It is always better to start any new craft or hobby with something small, and this pretty coaster will teach you a few of the basic knots involved in macramé, while getting you used to making items with rope, string or twine.



Once you have mastered the craft of a few basic macramé knots, there's nothing stopping you from moving up to larger projects, such as making macramé floor rugs and mats. The macramé rug shown here is available on Etsy at MaisonMacramé.




3mm diameter rope cut into

- 10 pieces of 1200mm length


Masking tape

Tape measure











1. Attach a length of string to your tabletop or worktop with masking tape. This will allow you to add a lark's head knot to [12]lengths of rope, as shown below. These will form the basis of the coaster.



2. At approximately 60mm down from the lark's head knot, begin a row of [5] square knots.



3. From this point on continue adding square knots until you have a total of 11 rows.







4. Cut the rope just below the lark's head knot and also cut 60mm from the last row of square knots. At this stage your design should look like the image below. 



5. Use your fingers to unravel both ends of the rope to open the fibres and then brush with your comb to fluff them slightly.

Now that you have made your first of many coasters, follow the same process to make a table runner or a decorative rug.




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