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Fall in love with Pratley Kraftex this month

What better way to show your appreciation this month of love than by making a hand-made gift.


What better way to show your appreciation this month of love than by making a hand-made gift, and while you’re at it, why not get acquainted with the exciting hobby of decoupage.

The Kraftex decoupage range from Pratley has a starter kit to introduce the arts-and-crafts novice to the wonderful world of decoupage. The kit includes all you need to produce a beautifully painted tray with an inset picture or photograph of you and your loved one. The final touch is then added by coating your creation with Kraftex Pratliglo® – an ultra-gloss polymer finish. Being self-levelling, it’s also ideal for table tops, bar counters, plaques, clocks, and even artistic ostrich eggs.

The Kraftex Pratliglo® Starter Kit includes Kraftex Pratliglo® (200 ml), Kraftex Varnish, a tray, two mixing cups (one plain and one graded), a foam and a bristle brush, Kraftex Decoupage Sealant (250 ml), acrylic paint, two mixing sticks, and a pair of polythene gloves. “Making your own gifts is always a labour of love, and nowhere is this easier than with the Kraftex decoupage range,” National Sales & Marketing Manager Mark Bell highlights.





The Kraftex Decoupage Sealant is essential to seal the picture properly on the tray, and to prevent any air bubbles. The product is simply painted on from left to right and top to bottom to ensure maximum coverage, and then left for two to three minutes to dry to a clear coating. This is followed by the Pratliglo® high-gloss finish that replicates a sheet of glass placed on top.

For a different effect, Kraftex Creative Cracks (both Large and Small Cracks) allows users to create a unique decorative ‘crack’ effect on a variety of painted craft, hobby, and artistic objects. Kraftex Antique Cracks (Large or Small) is another option ideal for a natural-looking and dated crack effect.

With decoupage becoming a highly popular hobby in South Africa, Pratley is constantly developing new products and applications to meet varied customer requirements and market trends. “This Valentine’s Day, what better way to show your loved one that hidden creative talent than with Kraftex decoupage products?” Mark concludes.

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