T-shirt yarn macramé plant hangers

Brit + Co come up with brilliant ideas, and in this article we share jersey fabric or t-shirt yarn macramé plant hangers that feature in Brit Morin's latest book 'Homemakers'


Brit + Co have brilliant ideas and their website. If you love crafty projects then buy Brit Morin's book 'Homemakers' below. This project is taken from the book and shows how to make t-shirt yarn macramé plant hangers using jersey fabric or old t-shirts.


Jersey knit fabric or old t-shirts

Planter pot and plant

Tape measure

Screw hook for hanging




1. Cut your fabric into 8 strips approximately 4cm wide and around 140cm long. Stretch each strip into round cords.

2. Place the cords together and tie one big knot about 10cm from the ends to secure all 8 cords. Pull tight to secure.

3. Group your cords into 4 sets of 2 and tie a knot in each set at about 5cm up.

4. Separate each of the 4 sets into new sets of 2 and tie them together approximately 4cm up.

5. Repeat for a third time and tie each new set of cords together 4cm up from the previous knot.

6. Stretch the cords over your planter and tighten the knots to adjust.

7. Tie all 8 cords together at the top to finish.

Now you are ready to plant a succulent or two and hang up using a screw hook secured into a ceiling beam.

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