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Make your own Tassels

Add some fun to textiles and accessories with homemade tassels that you can make using plain or coloured embroidery thread, string, natural rope or pleather.


Homemade tassels are an inexpensive way to add zing to your home decor. We've put together a collection of ideas for using tassels to decorate bedding and cushions, make unique wall hangings, or just to hang for a splash of fun colour.

Make your own tassels using a single colour or multiple colours to spice up a room. They can be made using embroidery thread, silk or satin beading that you will find at most yarn or upholstery stores, or natural fibres such as sisal and cotton string.

A trendy way to use tassels is to make up a wall hanging. You can choose the colour and material type for your tassels to complement existing decor and add texture and interest.

You can even make your own tassels to dress up plain bags.

Add texture to plain bedding with tassels in neutral hues, or highlight a specific colour in a room with matching tassels.

Update old cushions by adding a tassel trim around the edge.

How to make your own tassels...

And tassels aren't just for the home... they're trendy as accessories too!   

Use embroidery thread to make a unique necklace, or add pleather tassels to dress up a pair of shoes.

Easy way to make your own tassels

How to make mini tassels


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