How to make your own antique mirrors

More often than not you come across some beautiful vintage frames but the mirror inside is not the original. If you want to create an antique mirror you can easily transform any mirror to an antique mirror with this simple technique.


Faux pewter picture frame

Pewter is a lovely material to work with - it's also expensive, especially if you want to clad an entire picture frame. So, as usual, I wanted to come up with an alternative... a frame that looked like pewter but cost a heck of a lot less. I am using the same principle as that for the dandelion triptych that I featured recently.


Make a hand painted rug

I found this stunning project and this is definitely one I want to try... when I find the time, as I need a couple of rugs for various rooms in my home and just can't find what I'm looking for. This painted rug is quick and easy to make and you can customise the design and colour to fit in with your decor.


The easy way to make your own baskets

Here's a way to make your own baskets without getting involved in the technicalities of basket weaving. This project shows how to use everyday bags and transform them into decorative baskets with rope and a hot glue gun.


Beautiful clay flower serviette rings

I love crafting with air-dry clay and just wish I had more time to do more clay crafts. This project shows how to make beautiful flowers for dressing up a serviette for a special occasion. These would be lovely for an Easter table setting or a wedding table.


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New chalkboard self-adhesive vinyl

New chalkboard self-adhesive vinyl is a new, fun way to add new meaning to household appliances or dress up smooth walls. Chalkboard self-adhesive vinyl comes in rolls of 1 metre length and with a handy grid on the back of easy cutting out of designs and shapes.


ModPodge votive candle holder

Making a votive holder or candle holder from paper or lace doilies is super quick and easy. These delicate-looking votive holders are actually quite sturdy and would look wonderful on a special table, or for a wedding celebration.


Upcycle furniture with self-adhesive vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl, or contact paper as it is also known, has been around for ages. Self-adhesive vinyl is a fun and affordable way to revamp or makeover furniture with a new, trendy look that is all the rage.


How to make a rug or dhurrie pouf

Pop over to West Elm and you will see these gorgeous dhurrie poufs. I think they are fantastic, but so is the price. They sell from around R2600 each - and that's without the shipping cost. Way too pricey for me.


Weekend paint projects

Is your home starting to feel a little drab and boring? Has it been years since you last changed the decor? Here are some weekend paint projects that will definitely boost your home with vibrant colour and a bit of fun...!


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How to etch on glass

I have seen some stunning projects on the Internet using etching cream, and one bottle costing around R150 will do so many projects. You can etch on glasses, vases, glass container bottles and anything else of glass.


Repair a pleather or vinyl sofa

A couple of years back I bought my son a pleather sofa for his bedroom. While I know that pleather doesn't last too long, I did expect it to last longer than two years. I'm not prepared to fork out for another sofa, so, I decided to recover the sofa in his choice of fabric.


How to make a basic upholstered ottoman

A basic square upholstered ottoman and a circular ottoman. The ottoman design featured below is the easiest ottoman to make and you can easily assemble and upholster in a day.



Make an ottoman table

Sarah at sarah m dorsey designs has been wanting to make an ottoman table. There are varied designs for this table on the Internet, but I do love the design that she has made.



Fix up pancake-flat leather sofa cushions

A leather sofa doesn't come cheap these days, and whether you buy one new or secondhand, somewhere down the line you are going to have flat cushions. Here's how to plump up flat leather cushions for a leather sofa that looks good again.


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How to make rainbow roses

I stumbled upon a post that looked at how to make rainbow flowers. At first glance I thought the flowers - the roses shown below - had been photoshopped to give them their rainbow colours, but that's not the case. In fact, anyone can create rainbow flowers.


French vintage table setting

Kari was given a crochet table runner by her mom and the entire table setting is built around this theme, incorporating elements of wood and lace to complete the look.



Easy tablescape design

Many people have requested that Studio Fleurette show them how to recreate their simple organic (but still modern) tablescape design. The design is easy and looks beautiful for a table at a wedding or for a dinner party.


Make a wall-mounted deer head

Loving the new trend for wall art. These sculpted deer heads are beautiful and not as ghastly as the real thing. Everywhere you look you find reindeer heads on walls and I decided to be different and South African and make mine a Gemsbok head.


An old rug transformed with paint

Even an old grubby rug can be given a new lease on life, with a little creativity and some paint. When applied properly, today's acrylic paints allow you to experiment on materials you normally wouldn't dream of painting... like an old rug for example.


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