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How to make a hand painted rug

I found this stunning project over at sarah m dorsey designs. This is definitely a project I want to try... when I find the time, as I need a couple of rugs for various rooms in my home and just can't find what I'm looking for. This painted rug is quick and easy to make and you can customise the design and colour to fit in with your decor.


Sarah cut out a stencil using 6mm plywood, but I have previously used cardboard with excellent results. What's nice about using a plywood stencil is that you can use it over and over again. You can buy small, cut pieces of plywood at your local Builders Warehouse and then use a jigsaw to cut out your required shape. Sarah used an airbrush to outline the first few shapes, but then realised that it would take way too long this way and changed to a paintbrush. If you use a small paintbrush to outline and then fill in, this will be much quicker.

You can use fabric paints for painting your rug, but acrylic crafts paints work just as well. I normally use acrylic craft paints on fabric and then iron the back side to seal the paint into the fibres.

When painting onto your rug or fabric, check a small portion first to ensure that the paint does not seep into the surrounding fabric. If the paint is too runny it might just, so check first.
I have previously use a clear acrylic sealer to seal around the design, and this prevents any runs into the fabric.

You can add as little or as much pattern to your rug, and use any colours you like. If you want to have a brightly coloured rug, make sure the colours work well together and that at least one colour coordinates with the room decor.


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