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How to make Circular Floor Rugs for your Home

We still have some way to go before the lockdown ends, so I have been on the lookout for crafts and projects you can do to fill the time - but also items that you can use in the home, like circular floor rugs to keep you warm during winter.


We are still two weeks away from the end of the lockdown and many of us are looking for ways to fill the time. You have already cleaned the house from top to bottom. Hubby has done his bit by going round and seeing what needs to be fixed. What next?







One way to fill your time is with a craft that provides something practical or useful for the home, and making your own circular floor rugs lets you do that, plus you can use yarn or old clothes and linens to make the rugs. The crochet steps to make a circular floor rug is a basic one that is repeated throughout the process and the only difficult part is actually getting started.

Circular floor rugs made from old clothes and linens (rag rugs) are a great way to repurpose what you would normally toss out, but this way you get a custom rug in the bargain.







At  the bottom of this page we have included a video that takes you step-by-step of creating your own circular rag rug. This rug has a detailed design but is not that difficult to do, even for a beginner and it's a great way to build up your skills if you want to attempt making a circular rug similar to the one shown below. If you want more information on lace rugs, click to view their video channel. The videos are in Russian, but the step-by-step is very clear to understanding - without sound! You can also download patterns here for a beautiful collection of crochet lace rugs.




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