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Quick Project: Colourful Donut Wall Clock

Here's an easy way to add a fun element to any room with a colourful donut wall clock.


I found this easy DIY wall clock by Luisa on why don't you make me. I love the simple design and colourful painted sprinkles - it really does look like a donut.

The clock would look great in any room, and is a simple project you want to add a splash of colour. All you really need to make your own donut wall clock is a piece of pine or SupaWood cut into a circle, a clock movement and hands, and some acrylic craft paint.





1. Drill a hole in the centre of your circular piece. This hole will be determined by the size of your clock movement, so check this before you drill, as they come in different sizes. I have found that 12mm is the most common size for drilling the centre hole.

2. Once the hole is drilled you can take your time (!) to paint on the background colour and details for the donut design.

3. Now all that's left to do is to fit the clock mechanism and hands and hang your new clock on the wall. Most clock mechanisms already have a hanger, but these tend to stick out at the back and make the clock hang uneven. If this is the case, glue a small block to the back at the top and bottom to balance the clock when you hang on the wall.



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