Ingenious Designer Shelf You Can Make

Using half a sheet of plywood, some pine dowels and knobs, all from your local Builders Warehouse, you can easily make this designer shelf as a DIY project.



The simple design allows you to configure the shelves and pins in various configurations to create the perfect shelf for any room.



Peg-it-all by Kreis Design is so simple, yet has so many uses. It's also an easy DIY project that you can make in a day. All you would need is a spade bit in the same size as your pine dowels to make the holes in the board.





Cut small sections of plywood for the shelves, which are held in place with dowel pegs, or pop a pine knob on some of the dowels for hangers. This ingenious idea allows the shelf to be used for various wall storage applications. Use it in a bathroom for display or storage, in a craft or hobby room, and it's ideal for a child's bedroom. You can even use the shelf in the kitchen for handy storage.



BELOW: Make your own plywood pegboard as a kitchen shelf.



Another great way to use the plywood pegboard is in an entry hall - or make a smaller version to organise your beauty essentials or jewellery.





Amazing how something so simple can be so practical. Have a piece of veneered plywood or marine plywood cut to the required size. Measure and mark the location for drilling the holes with a spade bit or MAD bit, making sure that the position of the holes allows for the size of any shelves.





To mount the knobs onto the ends of the dowels, hold these firmly with a vice and use a spade bit to drill a hole so that you can glue these onto the end of the dowels.