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Weaving a bench seat

Using Danish cord, sisal or coir rope is an excellent way to finish off a heirloom bench and you can apply this weaving method to finish off a chair seat, stool or any type of bench.


Danish cord is a modern option for weaving. This 3-ply cord is made from tightly twisted, waxed brown craft paper that is strong and durable. If you are unable to source Danish cord you can substitute with sisal or coir rope. This project also uses L-shaped nails, which are difficult to buy locally and may need to be ordered from overseas.

Danish cord, the material used in weaving found in many Danish designs, is easy to weave on an open frame. The most popular weaving style using this material is basket weave, but modern designers are incorporating this material to weave a variety of unique styles that make it perfect for repairing furniture and creating new pieces featuring this versatile product. Find more information on weaving with Danish cord.

Mark Edmundson featured this beautiful weave bench on Fine Woodworking and we have included his step-by-step tutorial videos below. We've also included a Pinterest link to hundreds of furniture weaving projects that may spark your creativity.

If you're looking for a new hobby, or have a passion for restoring furniture, then this might be the perfect craft for you.






More beautiful woven designs using Danish cord:


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