Make your own fabric wrapped chargers

These fabric wrapped chargers are made using Masonite / hardboard cut into circles and wrapped with your choice of fabric. Make them for your spring table, a special celebration, or a unique wedding place setting.



You can buy Masonite / hardboard sheets in small pre-cut sections at your local Builders. A visit to your favourite fabric store to shop for bargain offcuts or fabric scraps and you can cover your chargers to match almost any occasion.






3mm Masonite / hardboard cut to 320mm squares

Fabric offcuts or scrapes

Bostik spray adhesive

Olfa fabric cutter and mat, or scissors

NeverWet Fabric Spray

Optional: Embellishments to dress up your fabric chargers




Dremel MultiTool and circle attachment, or jigsaw

180-grit sandpaper

Quick clamps








1. If you are using a Dremel Multitool and have a circle cutting attachment this is the easiest and fastest way to cut your circles. However, you can use a jigsaw to cut out the shapes if you don't have a Dremel Multitool or circle attachment. Cut a circle that is 300mm diameter.





2. Use the cut out circle as a template for cutting out the fabric to cover. Using an Olfa fabric cutter and mat is easy but you can just as well use a pair or scissors.





3. Spray the back of the fabric and the front of the board with sprayable adhesive and leave both for 5 minutes.





4. Carefully place the fabric over the board and work from the centre out to smooth away any wrinkles,





5. Spray the back of the board around the outer edge and leave for 5 minutes.





6. Fold the fabric over the edges and use your fingertip to press down firmly.





7. Pull tight and flatten to the back of the board working in small sections.





This method works well with all types of thinner fabric. Thicker fabrics may require that you use more sprayable adhesive and weigh down the covered boards overnight.



ABOVE: Finished fabric wrapped charger plate



Leave overnight and apply Rust-Oleum Never Wet Fabric Spray to the fabric covered chargers to protect that from drips and spills. Find this product at your local Builders store.













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