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Get crafty with pool noodles and make a colourful garland

I have seen pool noodles used in many ways but love this idea for making a garland using pool noodles. A couple of colourful pool noodles and you can create a bold, bright hanging display for a special occasion or party.

3 coloured pool noodles*
String or twine
Craft knife and cutting mat

*Note: If you’re looking for noodles in different colours you might have to visit a few different stores to choose from different brands.

1. Fully extend the blade of your craft knife so that you can cut the pool noodles into 15mm-wide slices. Do this on your cutting mat and use the mat as a guide.

2. How many noodles you need to cut depends on how long you want your finished garland to be. The pool noodle garland shown used a half of each of the three noodles.

3. Thread the noodle slides onto the string as shown above.

4. Tie off the noodle slice at each end of the garland to prevent the noodles from sliding off while you hang it. You can hang using heavy-duty double-sided tape or Prestik, depending on the length.


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