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Use cement to make a Decorative Plant Holder

Make a decorative plant holder using grey or white cement and hang in a simple macramé hanger.


This concrete plant holder has a beautiful flower detail on the outside that can be easily achieved by using a latex swimming cap as a form for the concrete. If you don't have or can't find a swimming cap, look at other items you can use that will add decorative detail. Bubble wrap also add decorative detail and is readily available.






White or grey cement

Large bowl, ceramic, plastic or steel for holding the form

Medium bowl, ceramic, plastic or steel for inside the form

A form to use, preferably with decorative detail



1. Place the form over or inside the bowl.

GOOD TO KNOW: The size of the large bowl determines the size of the finished plant holder.

2. Mix the white or grey cement to a thick paste and pour this inside the form. Only fill to two-thirds from the top to allow for pushing a bowl on top.

3. Place a ceramic, plastic or steel bowl inside the form. This bowl should be small enough to fit inside the large bowl but still give enough space to pot up a plant once finished.

4. Push the bowl into the cement mix so that it is level with the mix.

5. Use stones or pebbles to weigh down the bowl and keep it in place. Put the mix aside for 5 to 7 days to allow the cement to cure.

6. After curing, remove the form from the bowl and carefully lift out. Remove the bowl from inside as well.

7. Gently peel off the form, in this case a latex swimming cap.

8. Your new plant holder is now finished. You have the option to paint or seal the finished pot holder, or leave as is.

GOOD TO KNOW: When potting up your new plant holder, add a small amount of pea gravel at the bottom to help with drainage.



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