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DIY options for pendant lamps

There are so many creative ways to create your own DIY pendant lampshades. Gather your inspiration from everyday home items, secondhand stores, or your local Builders Warehouse. An inexpensive and simple way to make your own pendant lampshades is to use wire, steel or woven baskets, and we took a look at what's on offer at various home decor stores.


Add unique personality to the lighting in your home with a quick update with some unexpected items. Shown above, an air filter cylinder is transformed into a pendant light simply by adding some electrical cord, a lampholder, and a coat or two of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. Whatever colour your choose, this easy-to-make pendant light is sure to be an instant feature.

Although you might find this strange, the next time you visit your local Builders Warehouse, take a stroll down the aisles. You might be surprised at the potential a lot of items hold, like a hanging basket for plants, or stainless steel bowls like the ones shown above.

Mr Price Home offers a selection of home decor storage accessories that would be perfect for DIY pendant lampshades. From stainless steel bins, to woven baskets. All you need to make a pendant lamp is a length of 2-core electrical cord and a lampholder.

So the next time you pop into your local Builders Warehouse, or favourite home decor store, take a look around - there's probably something that can be turned into unique pendant lighting.


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