Weave a paper basket lampshade

Magdalena Godawa uses sheets and sheets of newspaper to create paper basket lampshades. These beautiful woven lampshades were created to order for a specific client that wanted 16 basket lampshades. The paper basket lampshades were made using colourful newspaper that was donated and recycled.


Using the techniques shown in our paper basket weaving projects, Magdalena crafted these gorgeous paper weave basket lampshades. While this might not be something you can do after your first attempt at paper basket weaving, it's definitely a project that you can do with a little more experience with this simple technique.

The process of weaving a paper basket lampshade is exactly the same used for weaving a paper basket. Newspaper is rolled into thin strips to create the vertical frame for the basket lampshade and then more paper is rolled and twisted to create the horizontal weave for the basket frame.



Almost done! It took Magdalena a month to make the 16 paper basket weave lampshades and I think it was time well spent. The finished shades look stunning when hung en masse in the client's restaurant.

Magdalena creates a range of paper woven baskets for lights and lampshades, storage, decor, and even paper baskets for pets. You will find ideas and instructions here for weaving paper baskets.

Once woven into shape, paper baskets are extremely durable and after finishing with a couple of coats of polyurethane, will last as long, if not longer, than wicker baskets.