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Quick Project: Easy Circular Shelves

These circular wall shelves are easy to make using pine, plywood or SupaWood.


Luisa over at why don't you make me knocked up these circular wall shelves in an instant using laminated pine shelving. You have the option to make the shelves out of pine and leave them raw, using plywood if you want to stain them, or SupaWood if you prefer to paint your circular shelves. Find pine, plywood and SupaWood at your local Builders Warehouse.

With a set of basic power tools you can use a jigsaw to cut out the shapes, a sander to smooth off the edges, and a drill / driver to join the shelves together. On Home-Dzine, and for our DIY-Divas workshops, we recommend the Bosch range of power tools. Bosch power tools offer top quality at an affordable price and since we use them for all our projects - you can too!


Pine, plywood or SupaWood - wide enough for your preferred size

Wood glue

45 or 50mm coarse-thread (chipboard) screws



Orbital Sander plus 120- and 180-grit sanding pads

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Tape measure and pencil



1. Draw [3] circles and cut these out with a jigsaw.

2. Cut one of the circles in half.

3. Sand all the rough edges nice and smooth.

4. Draw a pencil line along the centre of the remaining circles and use this as a guide for attaching the shelves. Use wood glue and screws to secure the shelves onto the front of the circles.

How easy was that!

If you are leaving pine shelves raw, add some Howard Feed-N-Wax or antique wax to make it easy to keep the shelves clean. If you are staining, apply sealer or vanish afterwards, or if you're painting SupaWood, you can apply your choice of paint before hanging on the wall.


To hang your new circular shelves onto the wall, Eureka have a selection of picture hangers for light, medium and heavy items. Pop into your nearest Builders or hardware store to stock up on what you need. 



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