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Crafting with Aluminum and Copper Foils

As one of my favourite crafts, using aluminium foil is a wonderful way to add metallic accents to decorative accessories, scrapbooks, and for recycling cardboard boxes and glass bottles into unique accent pieces.



I stumbled upon the art of crafting using aluminium foil quite a few years ago. We've even hosted a DIY-Divas workshop where the ladies used aluminium foil to craft a variety of decor pieces for the home. Aluminium and copper foil is a wonderful way to add metallic accents to decorative accessories, scrapbooks, and for recycling cardboard boxes and glass bottles into unique accent pieces.







It appears that I am not the only way to discover this fun and extremely affordable way to use aluminium foil in this way. There are quite a few crafters out there also using aluminium and copper foils in some very interesting ways. I'm sharing some new ways to craft using aluminium and foils to inspire you to be creative and see what you can embellish in the same way.


Using aluminium or copper foil is excellent for adding decorative embellishments to your scrapbooking projects. You can make custom covers for your scrapbooks using all the intricate scrapbooking accessories to decorate your aluminium foil covers or you can use stencils to create custom designs.







Try this Aluminium Foil Embellishment Project

To get you started crafting with aluminium or copper foils, try this plant coaster project to help you understand the process. Designed by PaperArtsy, this is an easy project that will accustom you to the tools and methods you can use to bring aluminium foil creations to life. You can also find fantastic tips on working with foil tape on EniOken. If you are interested in purchasing aluminium and copper foils, you can purchase from



For this project, or to make a flower pot stand, you will need a small picture frame like the one shown here and a small piece of canvas on which to mount the finish foil design. Paint the frame beforehand with your choice of paint colour and optional distressed effect.




Aluminium or copper foil sheets

Thin foam or foam mat

Stencil design

Masking or painter's tape

Paper stumps in assorted size (at craft shops)


Grunge or Texture paste

Palette knife

Black acrylic craft paint











1. Choose a stencil or design for your project. This project features a very open flower design. Tape the stencil onto the aluminium or copper foil using masking or painter's tape.

2. Put down the foam or foam matt. Flip so that the stencil is face down and gently rub the back of the foil with a paper stub. This process will highlight the stencil underneath.



3. Now you can switch to a stylus to outline and emboss to start bringing out the detail. An old dried out felt pen with a sharp tip also works great as a stylus.



4. Flip again to use the paper stump and further press out the leaf shape.



5. The process of flipping, pressing and outlining continues until you are satisfied with the result and then you can start adding any additional details, like the dotted areas around the petals.



6. When you are happy with the design, fill with grunge or texture paste. Click on the link in the YOU WILL NEED for instructions on making your own paste to spread over the back of the design. This will allow the raised shapes to keep their form.



7. I have modified this step somewhat to make it easier for everyone to use black acrylic craft paint to add texture and define the shape. I prefer my paint to be on the dry side - not too runny - so that it sticks to certain areas. After applying the paint, leave for a minute or two before wiping off with a paper tissue. 



To finish off, add some corner brackets to add additional detailing.




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