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5-Minute Key holder

Use an old picture frame and some cup hooks to make a quick and easy key holder to mount on the wall.


This wall-mounted key holder is just the thing to keep all your keys in one place - easy to find and easy to grab. All you need to make the key holder is an old picture frame, some paint and some cup hooks.




1. Remove the backing and glass from the picture frame.

2. You only need the frame to make the key holder.





3. Paint the picture frame in your choice of colour with acrylic paint.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can also use spray paint to transform the frame.

4. Let the paint dry thoroughly before flipping over.

5. Screw in the cup hooks at equal distances along the inside top of the picture frame.



GOOD TO KNOW: Measure and mark to make sure the cup hooks are spaced at equal distances along the top.

6. Now you can mount the frame onto a wall using double-sided mounting tape.

Now your keys will be easy to find when you need them.

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