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Amazing craft ideas using wire

Hard to think that the festive season is only a couple of months away and, before we know it, we will soon be rushing around trying to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. Here are some ideas of what you can do with wire and a pair of pliers!

Using wire to create your own accessories is definitely an affordable and fun way to get crafty and make unique accessories. This beautiful wire bird perched on a tree stump would look wonderful indoors or outdoors in the garden.

Wire crafter, Ruth Jensen, makes the most unique animals and accessories... all made from steel or copper wire. When you think about what you need to get started with wire craft, it's a selection of pliers (round nose and needle nose) and some wire.





How adorable...! This cute puppy is crafted entirely using copper wire.

While many crafters use wire to create earrings and bracelets, Ruth Jensen uses steel and copper wire to make abstract animal sculptures. From birds to foxes, Ruth has honed her talents over the years to produce the most amazing three-dimensional sculptures using nothing more than pliers and wire.