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Make Organic Mirror Frames with Rattan, Raffia, Jute, or Cane

Organic materials like rattan, raffia, jute or cane are perfect for crafting accessories such as a mirror frame, as shown in this feature,



Introducing organic textures into a home is a natural way to infuse your home with Mother Nature's materials. These materials bring warmth and character into a room and there are many ways that you can use rattan, raffia, jute, cane and other organic materials to make decor accessories. Take a look at how you can turn a plain rattan cane basket, or a placemat, into an attractive and eye-catching mirror to hang on the wall.


Making frames using rattan cane, jute or raffia is an inexpensive way to make your own mirror frames at a fraction of what it would cost to buy ready-made.







As durable as Bamboo

Rattan is one of those materials that seems to become popular for a time and then fades into obscurity until it becomes popular once again. Rattan and synthetic rattan is a widely used material for outdoor seating furniture due to its lightweight but flexible and durable properties. There are many different types of rattan, which is a similar material to bamboo and just as sustainable.


Rattan or Wicker

Did you know that rattan and wicker are not the same? Rattan is considered far more durable than wicker, because rattan has a solid core while wicker does not. Rattan is also available in a wide selection of natural colours. Rattan is also known for being able to withstand both hot and cold climates and is not damaged by UV rays. Plus the fact that rattan is waterproof and that's why you can expect to pay more for genuine rattan furniture.







A rattan cane basket can so easily be turned into an attractive mirror frame.



Repurposing Rattan accessories

It is not easy to source rattan as a material for crafting and there are a few online stores that you can order from if you want to try your hand at rattan crafts, whether for yourself or as a business. There are, however, plenty of rattan, cane, jute, sisal, etc., accessories out there than can quite easily be repurposed, and you just have to look around for items that you can use.


Using Raffia

Raffia is an organic material that is the fibre from the leaves of a Palmyra tree. Raffia can be used to handcraft baskets, to make straw hats, as well as being twisted and wound to make rope.

Raffia is an organic material that you can use for home decor accessories and you can purchase this in its raw unstained state or after it has been coloured. The mirror frame shown below is simply a wire hoop around which raffia has been threaded onto the ring with a macramé lark's knot.


There are so many variations of this raffia mirror frame on the web on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest that you are sure to find one you love for your home.







Using Jute Rope

Jute is a plant fibre that is used to make rope, hessian and burlap. This material is one of the most affordable fibres and the main reason why many countries use it to craft textiles, bags and other materials.

Jute rope is an inexpensive material that you should be able to buy at any hardware store, and it is easy to work with to make a very pretty and organic mirror frame. The jute mirror frame shown below is made using a hoop onto which the mirror is fastened, and the jute rope is then crafted using a variety of macramé knots before being unravelled around the outer edge of the frame.



You can use organic twine or rops to design a mirror frame or leave out the mirror and just make a decorative hanging for the wall to bring interest and texture into your home.


There is more to rope than just using it to fasten stuff - get crafting with all types of rope to make home decor accessories.



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