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Inexpensive burlap decor

Burlap is a woven fabric made from jute, hemp or similar fibre. Found at most fabric stores, burlap offers an inexpensive way to make your own home decor and accessories.


Probably one of the cheapest fabrics you can buy, burlap is easy to use and affordable. This coarsely woven fabric can be pulled along the cut edge - so that sewing is not required - and used for a variety of decor projects for a home.

Burlap is a wonderful idea if you are looking for an inexpensive way to dress up a table - or two! Because you don't have to sew the edges of this fabric, it is so easy to cut burlap to make your own tablecloth, table runner, or even placemats and cutlery holders.




Don't stop now... add an extra element to your dining table with burlap serviette rings, or wrap plain glass accessories with burlap, lace and ribbon. 




Want more burlap decor ideas? Make your own bunting or garlands with burlap. There are so many ways to create your own personalised bunting with paint or fabric scraps. 




Here are just a few ideas where you can use burlap for unique window treatments. This natural fibre is perfect for outdoor on a patio or deck and you can add your own trim for added colour and pattern.

Block out the sun without blocking out too much light with burlap window panels. The coarse weave of burlap offers you privacy and shade.


Decorative cushions are another idea for using burlap for home decor.




Use burlap scraps to make shabby roses for your cushions.


Just in time for the festive season... use burlap to wrap gifts that have an awkward shape such as wine bottles.



Gift pouches, party favours, or gifts... burlap is an affordable way to add a unique spin to gift wrap.




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