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Creative Ways to Get Crafty in 2020

Looking for new ways to fill extra time? Or perhaps you want to make a bit of extra money on the side? Here are just a few creative ways to get crafty in 2020.


It's hard to think that we are already in 2020 - a new year lies ahead and many are looking at ways to get crafty and fill some of their free time, or perhaps even bring in a bit of extra income with their crafts. Crafting has gone from an occasional hobby to a full-blown explosion of creative ideas, and you only have to pop onto Pinterest to see how many new crafts are featured for all to enjoy.






My personal way to get crafty is to use my Dremel MultiTool, and I have featured plenty of ways to get crafty with a Dremel in the Craft- Dremel Section, so be sure to check that out if you have invested in a Dremel MultiTool and are looking for ideas.

But everyone has different tastes and ideas of what they want to do in their spare time, but for those of you who are itching to start a new craft, we have some great ideas below that might steer you in the right direction.

A great way to get knotted!

Macramé is a craft that has been around and around for many years and still managed to acquire followers over the years. Looking at macramé on Pinterest you can immediately see that the trend has morphed with the times and it's no longer about what your granny would have in her home.







The only downside to starting with macramé is finding the right materials for your projects. Rope and twine can be expensive unless you find a direct supplier and cut out the hardware store. And the same applies to any embellishments and accessories that you need to finish off your projects. In most instances, it would be better to form a group of persons who are interested in learning more and trying macramé and buying the supplies you need in bulk from overseas.

The added advantage you have with learning how to do macramé these days is that there are hundreds of macramé video tutorials on YouTube that take you step-by-step through all the basic knots. You will also find a wide selection of inspiring ideas in our Craft Sections.

Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose

Recycling, or upcycling as it is also known, continues to be popular and there are plenty of creative ways to use recycling crafts for your own use or to recycle as a way to make extra money. Take reclaimed wood pallets, for example, there are plenty of companies out there that offer reclaimed wood furniture for a price, and still many other ways to tap into this market.

Recycling has elevated itself from a cheap and tacky craft into a way to add attractive and practical items to your home, or to sell, that offer a more edgy design ethos. A prime example of this is using old newspapers and magazines to weave extraordinary items like baskets and lampshades.

Mastering the art of weaving with rolled tubes of newspaper or magazine is definitely a lucrative craft where you can make some extra cash, and you can save yourself a bundle on buying readymade baskets if you recycle old newspapers and magazines that cost you nothing. But not only that, you can be creative and craft items that are particularly practical and useful in the home.

I tried my hand at using rolled newspaper tubes for weaving and enjoyed it, even though I didn't take it much further than a couple of baskets and a wine bottle holder, all of which you will find in the Paper Crafts section here on Home-Dzine.

After trying your hand at a few small projects using the rolled newspaper weaving method, you can start on large, more detailed projects like that shown below. A simple garden chair is wrapped in newspaper weave to create a wicker-like chair that is painted and sealed. Using old newspapers or collected magazines means your new furniture won't cost you a cent other than time and effort to make.






With so many people thinking about their carbon footprint and our impact on the environment, using recycled materials to reuse, recycle and repurpose makes a lot of sense. This trend continues to gain momentum and 2020 is another year where you can expect even more ideas.

Whether you are someone that works an 8-hour day, 6 days a week, a housewife with time on her hands, or are going into retirement, everyone needs a hobby to keep them active. And most hobbies don't require that you have to break out in a sweat - it's more about being creative and keeping your mind active.

Today's crafts are easy to learn and cover a wide scope of topics; there are quick and easy crafts that you can complete in an hour or two and there are more detailed crafts that require your full attention. It's up to you.

Painting for Fun or Profit

Painting is always a popular craft, and today's variety of painting mediums stretch the imagination even more. Today you can purchase paints for ceramics and stained glass, which let even the novice try out new materials. Sharpie, Heritage Craft and Dala are the two main suppliers of painting products, and you can simply go online to find your nearest retail outlet to see what's available.

Hand painted ceramics are a wonderful way to be creative on plain white dining sets and crockery.

Stained glass is just one of the many crafts trending now and into 2020. Creating stained glass creations, whether for yourself or sale, lets you customise inexpensive glass for custom designs.

Stained glass has reinvented itself in the last few years and is now one of the most popular crafts out there. With easy access to paints specifically designed for painting on glass and almost no competition in this market, creating your own stained glass creations is a very lucrative craft, and also one that is very satisfying if you are doing it for yourself.

In South Africa, we are pretty much up to date with all the current trends, thanks to Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, etc. And while not all supplies are available locally, it is easy enough to go online to order from overseas and have shipped direct.






If you feel that you want to get more involved in a new craft, popping online to see what's trending or new will provide you with all the ideas and inspiration you need to get started.



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