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Craft Ideas using Macramé

Macramé is one of those crafts that seems to come back in fashion every few years and it's a fun way to craft your own home accessories.


Using nothing more than wool, twine, string or rope (or in my case I like to use sash cord), macramé is a fun way to make your own home decor accessories, or to craft unique pieces to finish off your DIY furniture. Macramé is one of those trends, like decoupage, that seem to come back into fashion every now and again.

What's great about macramé is that there are only a few basic knots that you need to master before you are ready to start your own macramé project. And for those of you who don't yet know the basic knots, I have included a handy video below where you can quickly learn the basic knots to get started with your first macramé project.



Once you have mastered a few basic knots, the best way to learn more is to visit YouTube and type in 'basic macramé knots' and see how many informative videos pop up.


So what can you make with macramé knots.... this time around macramé has become even more popular than ever before. The power of the Internet makes it even easier to find hundreds of different projects, whether you want to make a simple wall hanging, a holder for your pot plants, or do more intricate projects.





You will also find plenty of materials for crafting your macramé projects at Builders Warehouse, craft and hobby stores, or make your own t-shirt or plastic bag yarn to creating your projects with a unique twist. At Builders you can choose from nylon cord, sash cord, or natural or synthetic cord, that gives you plenty of options.

Craft Macramé Seating

Craft your own stools using dowels or PAR pine and then add a decorative macramé seat to finish off. Use a natural or synthetic cord to complete your stools and you can use them as an accent feature, for your indoor plants, or for extra seating.

Not just for stools, you can use macramé to craft benches. Artist Emily Katz uses various thicknesses of cotton rope to craft one-of-a-kind wall hangings, seating projects and other objets d'art.

In fact, once you have mastered a few basic knotting methods, you are only limited by your imagination as to the projects that can be done with macramé.

Make Light and Lampshades with Macramé

For those who love to add a bit of Boho quirkiness to their homes, use macramé knots to craft your own home decor accessories, including light and lamp shades.

Decorate Cushions with Macramé

One of my personal favourite projects on this page are these cushions covers made with basic macramé knots. If you want to add some colour to the macramé you can use food colouring or dye to change the colour of the cords.

Recycling Crafts with Macramé

We are all trying to do 'our bit' by recycling when and where we can, and this project idea of using macramé to make decorative covers for glass or plastic containers is great. You can turn your recycling craft into a profitable hobby!



Creative Macramé Wall Art

Macramé wall hangings have become very popular this time around, and you don't only have to love Boho style to have a macramé  wall hanging in your home. While these hangings usually incorporate both basic and more advanced knots, it is a great opportunity for you to learn more while having fun and making decorative wall art.

Macramé Panels for Room Divider

Macramé panels in a frame are an easy way to make an indoor or outdoor room divider or privacy screen. To make the frame you can buy some PAR pine or Meranti at your local Builders Warehouse and then add your own freehand design of macramé panels.

There are many other crafts that can be combined with macramé, from hanging chairs to window treatments, and we will most definitely be featuring these in a future post. In the meantime, grab some twine or rope and start making smaller items to gain more experience with your macramé. Now sit back and watch the video for instructions on basic macramé knots




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