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Quick Project: Pretty and practical copper candle holder

This pretty copper candle holder will only take about 10 minutes to make and looks wonderful on a coffee table, dining table or for outdoor dining.


This copper candle holder is so easy to make, you will wonder how you never thought of this before (or maybe you did!). All you need are a few copper fittings that you can buy at your local Builders Warehouse in the plumbing aisles, and a couple of regular candles.








1. Join the elbows and t-fittings together. I recommend that you use a strong adhesive such as Q-Bond to secure the fittings tightly together.



You may need to trim the end of the candle with a craft knife to fit into the holder.

GOOD TO KNOW: For added safety, I would recommend that you add a base to the candle holder assembly, or add flanges to the ends of the holders.



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