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Framed perpetual calendar

These framed perpetual calendars will help you to stay organised, plus you can use them over and over. You can print out the months on your PC and frame them behind glass. Use a whiteboard marker to fill in the calendar and then wipe clean for the next month.


These framed perpetual calendars would look good in any home and are small enough that you can mount them almost anywhere.

Re-purpose an old picture frame that you already have, or make up your own frame for the calendar. You can have glass cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse or glass and mirror supplier.


Printed blank calendar
Decorative backing
marker roll-on sticky tape or double-sided tape

Print out and trim your monthly calendar. Use roll-on sticky tape or double-sided tape to secure the calendar to your choice of backing. Match the backing to the decor where you will be mounting the framed calendar.

Secure the calendar and backing onto the frame backing board and place this inside the frame.

Use whiteboard markers and write on the glass to add the month and dates to your framed calendar. To erase and add details for the next month, simply wipe with a kitchen towel and glass cleaner.


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