No-sew faux Austrian blind

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to dress up a window you will love this no-sew faux Austrian blind alternative. All you need is a glue gun and some fabric!

Carmel at our fifth house dressed up a kitchen window with a simple yet stunning faux Austrian blind that can be made in an hour tops. All you need is fabric and a glue gun, as well as a curtain rod and an iron and ironing board.

You will need a piece of fabric that is wide enough to fit across the window - with extra fabric for folding under a hem on both sides. Allow enough length to fold under at the top and bottom, with excess fabric for the folds.



Iron under the hems around the edges. If the fabric frays easily you may need to double fold a hem to hide the edges if the back of the blind is visible.

Once all the edges are ironed flat set the glue gun to high-temp to apply a thin bead of glue under the hem to secure to the back of the fabric. 

Wrap the fabric over the mounting rod and secure with a thick bead of hot glue all along the length of the edge. 

Place the blind onto the wall mountings so that you can decide where to glue the folds. For a faux Austrian blind the folds are higher on the sides to give the blind more drape in the centre.

Note that the blind is not machine-washable and will need to be cleaned by hand. Any sections that do come lose over time can easily be glued back down.


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