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Make a bamboo wall clock

Turn a bamboo bread board or cutting block into a wall clock and be constantly reminded to 'get it done'


While out shopping for a stainless steel tray for the Mother's Day gift idea, I saw bamboo chopping boards for R90 and decided to buy one to make a 'get it done' wall clock. Having recently popped a banner on the website for the Bosch Get It Done series on DSTv I thought it might be fun to incorporate the slogan into the wall clock. The bamboo wall clock is now mounted in the workshop as a constant reminder !

For this project I used my Bosch PSB 10,8 LI-2 Drill / Driver, and this one always gets lots of interest at the DIY Divas workshops, because it's not only a drill / driver but a hammer drill as well. I just like it because it packs a lot of power and is convenient to use.


Bamboo bread or chopping board

Clock mechanism and hands

12mm spade bit

Craft paint

Steel ruler, HB pencil and pen

Printed template

Masking tape



1. Mark the centre of the board on the front and use a 12mm spade bit to drill a hole halfway through. Have a scrap piece of board on hand to put underneath where you are drilling to protect your worktop. This hole will be used for the clock mechanism.

2. When you can see a hole in the back of the board, turn over and continue to drill the hole. This method ensures you have a nice clean hole on the front and back.

3. Rub a soft pencil over the back of your printed template. Place centrally on the board and secure with masking tape.

4. Use a ballpoint pen to outline the wording and transfer onto the top of the board.

5. Now you can fill in the letters with craft paint in your choice of colour.

6. Allow the paint to dry before using an eraser to remove any visible pencil marks and then secure the clock mechanism and hands in place.

I always secure the mechanism to the back of my projects to prevent it from moving around.

Before hanging the clock on the wall I added some black painted circles around the outer ring of the board to make it easier to tell the time.


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