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Quick Project: Faux pewter candle holder

This quick and easy project uses a pine offcut, some strips of moulding and a roll of aluminium roofing tape to make a pretty candle holder.


This is a quick and easy project and the result is a faux pewter candle holder that costs hardly anything if you use scraps of wood. Aluminium roofing tape is inexpensive and can be found at your local Builders Warehouse. 

For this project I marked the block to drill 3 holes. 

Each hole was drilled down to half the depth with a 20mm spade bit. 

A small amount of wood glue in the bottom of each drilled hole fills and finishes. 

I used a mitre saw to cut 45-degree corners to fit the moulding around the bottom edge of the block. 

The moulding was glued in place. 

For the faux pewter effect the block and moulding was covered with self-adhesive aluminium roofing tape. 


This part is optional, but I added some large washers around the holes for the candles. These were glued down with contact adhesive. 


Ta da... a faux pewter candle holder that was quick and easy to make.


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