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Decorative lattice frames for potted plants

Every home should have a few potted plants or herbs, but if you don't want to go to the expense of buying fancy pots, we used 6mm SupaWood to make decorative lattice frames for plant pots. Now you can place potted plants anywhere in the home and paint the lattice frames to match your existing decor.


This project is also great for anyone learning to use a jigsaw, as it gives you plenty of practice to hone your cutting skills!

6mm Supawood
Blocks of pine for the base of your lattice frames
Template - measure out and draw this onto a piece of paper
Pattex No More Nails adhesive
Masking tape


Jigsaw and fretsaw blade
Tape measure and pencil


Before you start you will need to measure your plant pots ( and trays ) to make sure that you make the lattice frames big enough. Allow about 20mm extra all round, just in case.

1. Transfer your design onto the 6mm SupaWood. Drill an 8mm hole in each block to allow you to insert the jigsaw blade. You will find it easier to cut one long length of lattice and then trim this to the size you need for the sides.

When cutting out small decorative work, use a thinner (fretsaw) jigsaw blade to make moving around easier. You could also use a scroll saw to do the cut outs.

Place the section to be cut over the opening in a workbench and clamp the board securely to your workbench.

2. Sand and paint the lattice frames before you assemble.

3. Cut a block of pine to the size of the base and use Pattex No More Nails to secure the sides to the outside edge of the base.

4. It helps to use masking tape to hold the frames together while the glue dries.

You can make up as many lattice frames as you like for your potted plants and herbs. Paint them in neutral colours, or add a splash of bold colour.


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