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Craft and Decor Ideas using Glitter

I must admit to a love of everything that glitters or shines and although Christmas is done there are plenty of other uses for glitter.




Christmas may be over but that doesn't mean that you have to pack away the glitter! I have a love for anything shiny, whether it is Swarovski crystals, glittering gemstones or shimmering glitter. I am not one of those to embellish everything with rhinestones although I do love the look of some items transformed with imitation gems.



You normally associate glitter with Christmas, and it can be used to adorn festive decorations, home decor, cards and wrapping paper. But there are more uses for glitter, ones that can be used to bring some sparkle to your home.









Decorating Candles

If you are planning a wedding or special celebration, using craft glue and glitter is an easy and inexpensive way to dress up plain candles.



When decorating with candles for a celebration or special occasion, plain drinking glasses can be transformed into glittering centrepieces with a ring of glitter around the rim. You can even select the perfect glitter colour to coordinate with the colour palette for the event.



Glittering Vases

Using glitter might not be a permanent option, unless you buy a spray glitter and top sealer, but it is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to turn recycled materials into the perfect decor for a party!



Custom party decor can be pricey but with glitter, you can turn recycled bottles or drinking glasses into a shimmering centrepiece for the table.







Decorate Bottling Jars

For anyone who loves to recycle glass food containers or enjoy crafting with bottling jars (Balls or Mason), there is no limit to your imagination when you combine glitter and spray paint. After applying the glue and glitter, apply a spray varnish or sealer to protect the glittered finish.



Make pretty storage containers and glittering vases by recycling glass bottles and jars and decorating them with colourful glitter.








Use matt chalk paint and sparkling glitter to make your own brand of decor to sell at a craft market to bring in much-needed extra income.



Make Glitter Balloons

A celebration just isn't complete without balloons. When it comes to a party or special occasion, everyone knows that balloons make all the difference. And glitter balloons add even more fun to the party!



martha stewart



Custom balloon arrangements are expensive but making your own balloon arrangements is not. All you need are balloons in your choice of colour, some coordinating glitter and scraps of tulle or sheer fabric. Fill clear balloons with glitter and then blow them up, or dip coloured balloons in craft glue and glitter. Oh, so easy!



Glittering Glasses

Don't settle for plain glasses for a special event. Use glue and glitter or even spray paint to decorate glasses for a particular theme.





Decorating glasses with glitter for a DIY wedding celebration or special event is easy!



Glitter for Art

While many might consider using glitter for art as kitschy, when you work with mixed mediums or different supplies for your art, there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of glitter glam. All you need is a blank canvas, ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer and coloured glitter and you can make a shimmering artwork for the home.



What little girl doesn't love glitter! And glitter is the absolute perfect way to add pretty touches to decor for a little girl's bedroom. Use glitter to glitz up artwork, use on cut-out names for the bedroom wall, you can even use glitter to make glittering accessories for wall decor.



Bring on the Bling

Last-minute party invitation or just can't find a pair of shoes you like for a special event? No problem, just add some glitter to bring on the bling.



Put on your dancing shoes and dress them up with colourful glitter. You need ModPodge or clear craft glue, thin tape for masking off areas, and glitter. Now go and have some fun!





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