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Quick Project: Decorative Yarn Wall Hanging

You only need a ball of yarn and a few accessories to make this decorative wall hanging to add interest to any room.




If you love how macramé art looks but don't have the patience or time to make a macramé wall hanging, you will love this easy project that involves no complicated knots and only uses a single ball of yarn.

Not just for adding a Boho touch to a room, this decorative wall hanging also bring texture and interest into a room. The design might be simple, but it looks just as good as some of the macramé wall hangings you find.



Buying macramé or decorative yarn wall hangings can cost a fortune but it is easy to craft your own with very little supplies and a low cost. Tap into your creative side to make your own decorative wall hanging and who knows, you might enjoy it so much you decide to learn more about macramé and what you can make with a few basic knots.








Ball of yarn in your choice of colour

Pine dowel 12mm diameter x approximately 600mm in length

Wooden beads, small and large



Tape measure









1. To start your decorative wall hanging, you need to make some tassels. These are easy to make and all you need to do is cut a long length of yarn and wrap this around the notebook. Wrap around at least 30 times for a reasonably fluffy tassel. Snip off the end.



2. Take a small piece of yarn and use this to wrap and tie a double knot down one side of the notebook, which will also be the centre of the yarn once removed. Now cut the yarn on the opposite side so that you have a partially completed tassel as shown below.



3. Fold the yarn in half at the centre and then take another small piece of yarn to make a knot just below the top, as shown in the image below. Use sharp scissors to neaten the edge of the tassel. Repeat this process to make a total of 12 tassels.



4. Cut a long piece of yarn to serve as the hanging for your wall art. Tie the yarn at both ends of the dowel.



5. Cut [9] lengths of yarn 800mm long. Start tying these at the ends of the dowel and working your way towards the centre, make sure to equally space the lengths of yarn along the length of the dowel.. Each piece of yarn will have a tassel on the end and the three centre lengths of yarn each have 2 tassels on them.







6. For each length of yarn, first, tie a knot where you want the small bead to sit and then add the small bead. Now tie a knot where you want the large bead to sit and tie another knot before adding a large bead.



7. Continue this process for all 12 pieces of yarn, varying the heights of the small and large beads to create the 'V' shape, or experiment with other designs that you can make.




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