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Quick Project: Great Pegboard Storage Idea for Craft Room

Making your own pegboard gives you plenty of storage options for any room in a home but this one is perfect for a craft or hobby room.




Pegboards offer a handy storage solution in so many different ways. The ability to use rails that slot in the holes in the pegboard gives you versatility for all kinds of storage. The only problem with readymade pegboards, they are hard to find and accessories for them are even harder to get your hands on. Not only that, buying a readymade pegboard is far more expensive than the DIY option that uses pine or plywood backing and shelves and pine dowel pegs.



When you set up a craft or hobby room, you are going to need a storage solution that handles all your tools and supplies. This is where a pegboard storage wall comes in particularly handy as it can be arranged to store all kinds of craft goodies, supplies and tools that will ensure everything is organised and easy to find.







Buying a large sheet of plywood provides an affordable solution for large pegboard storage walls or two medium-sized storage panels that you can set up in any configuration to accept shelves or boxes for your accessories.


We have a couple of excellent pegboard projects that you can try yourself if you need extra shelf storage in a room. You can make a pegboard storage shelf for the kitchen to hang essential kitchen accessories that you use every day, to hang cooking utensils or even to use to display your herbs and spices. Try this pegboard storage solution for an affordable and easy way to make a pegboard storage system that can be mounted onto a wall.









Organise your workshops tools and supplies with a pegboard storage shelf system.





Using pine dowels as pegs to hold up storage shelves lets you customise the pegboard to your particular needs, whether you need it for in a bathroom or kitchen or your workshop.



With the increasing popularity of pegboard storage shelves, there are now manufacturers that offer their own spin on this practical storage solution. However, like everything else in life, the readymade alternative doesn't come cheap. It is so expensive that if you had to make it yourself you could afford to make 2 or 3 storage boards and even have enough money left over to buy the tools you need! Which solution do you think is the better one?





ABOVE and BELOW: The Multiply Wooden Pegboard retails at a cost of R1,888 on Measuring 872mm in height and 580mm in width, it is fairly small.









More Affordable than Readymade


A sheet of 12mm-thick veneered plywood that measures 2440mm in length and 1220mm in height can be used to make several pegboard storage solutions at a cost of only R550 per sheet. That is a far more affordable storage solution than purchasing a readymade pegboard storage system and just as good. A cheaper grade of plywood is shutterply that retails at around R380 for the same size sheet but it does not have the same decorative finish and has a rough finish. Not available everywhere, we sourced our pricing for this product at Leroy Merlin.


Veneered plywood has a thin veneer that is available in different wood species. The prices indicated above are for Poplar.



Buy a sheet of plywood some pine dowels and make your own pegboard wall storage shelf!





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