Plans To Build A Floating Media Console

Every TV room needs a media unit and this floating media console takes up minimal space, has plenty of storage and built-in LED lighting.

Did you Know that You Can use Dowels for Furniture Projects?

Dowels are reasonably priced and easy to work with so why not use them for making furniture for your home, or grab your tools to make one of these dowel furniture projects?

Add a Glass Panel to Hollow Core Door for More Light

To lighten up my dark passage, I added a glass panel to a standard hollow core door as per this method. The addition of the glass panel made a huge difference and instantly brightened up the space.

Why it is Important that Teenagers Learn These 3 DIY Skills

Lack of education covering life skills, limited opportunities for apprenticeships and reduced opportunities for employment mean that our children need to empower themselves with 3 skills that will prove valuable.

Make a Storage Side Table for a Living Room

A storage side table is a practical piece of furniture if your living room is short on space - and storage - and the instructions below let you make one in a day

Step-by-Step Instructions for an Elegant Coffee Table

Grab your tools and materials to make an elegant coffee table for your living room with these step-by-step instructions.

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Easy to Make Bicycle Storage Rack that Saves Space

This simple bicycle storage rack keeps your bicycle safe and is so easy to use that even the kids can use it for storing their bicycles.

Make a Pine Dining Table for Indoors or Outdoors

This pine dining table for originally intended for indoor use but was later relegated to being an outdoor dining table and have served its purpose well for the past 7 years and is affordable and easy to make.

Build a Pair of Bedside Cupboards

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert DIY enthusiast, making your own furniture is the perfect way to build custom furniture at a price you can afford and this pair of fluted bedside cabinets is an easy one with step-by-step instructions.

You Can't Buy a Storage Headboard so Make Your Own

After being unable to find a storage headboard online, the best solution would be to make my own storage headboard and it is easier to make than you think!

Make a Simple Wood Wine Rack

Anyone starting out with DIY will love the simplicity of this wood wine rack and you can use pallet wood to make it for free!

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How To Build An Outdoor Bar - Even For A Small Garden

South Africans have an affinity for spending their free time outdoors and building an outdoor bar is just one of the ways to enjoy your garden even more.

How to Build and Assemble Child's Beds

It is becoming increasingly expensive to purchase beds for children so why not make your own children's beds - a bed that you can make to any size and design?

3 DIY Projects That Add More Storage To A Home

Most homes need more storage but don't always have the space for this but there are plenty of DIY projects that add more storage to a home.

DIY Outdoor Farmhouse Dining Table With Benches

Build an outdoor farmhouse-style dining table complete with benches using PAR pine you can buy at any Builders store.

Build a Mini Play Kitchen for your Young Chef

Load shedding or not, the young chef will still be able to present you with a Michelin star meal using this magical DIY kitchen.

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Make a Contemporary Coffee Table for Very Little Cost

I love finding DIY projects that cost very little to do and provide a piece of furniture that looks stunning in the home, like this contemporary coffee table.

Make a Side Table in Under an Hour!

Looking for a quick way to add a side table or two to your living room? You can make this charming side table in under an hour!

Build The Ultimate Raised Garden Bed

Forget about back-breaking gardening when you build this raised garden bed and fill it with your favourite veggies.

Build a Sofa With Built-In Storage Under the Seat

This indoor or outdoor sofa has built-in storage in the arms, back and under the seat and you can make it yourself in a weekend or two.

Wooden Picture Frames That Are Easy To Make

Use a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to make these easy wooden picture frames to hang on the wall for all your family photos.

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DIY Or Discount Buy?

To DIY or discount buy, that’s the question. Either way, you can transform your home without spending crazy brand store prices. Discover more here.

Creative DIY Home Improvement Projects for Any Skill Level

Are you looking for affordable and easy DIY home improvement projects? Check out these creative ideas that any skill level can tackle.

DIY Wood Coffee Table with Leaf Design

Readymade coffee tables are either square, rectangular, or circular, but this unique leaf design coffee table is one that you can easily make yourself.

Make a Media Console with a Single Sheet of Plywood

Furniture isn't cheap these days and you can expect to pay a fortune for a media console similar to the one shown below, so why not make your own.

Build a Display Cabinet using Bought Cupboards

Aligning with my recent article on DIY built-in cupboards, this is an easy display cupboard that you can make and pick up skills for your built-in project.

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How to Build Built-In Cabinets or Cupboards

Built-in cabinets or cupboards are the best way to add storage or a decorative feature to a plain room, but how do you go about it?

Buy or DIY this Wooden Succulent Box

Here is a wonderful gift that you can buy or make to give to a loved one or friend this festive season.

How to Make a Kitchen Island using Wood or MDF

If you want to add an island to your kitchen and have some spare time over the holidays to do it yourself, below are some ideas and guidelines to help with the project.

DIY Solution for a Mobile Room Divider or Partition Wall

Closing off an area in an open-plan home with a mobile room divider or freestanding partition wall are an easy and DIY solution using board products or brick and mortar.

Weekend Project: Easy DIY Cabana with Seating

If you have some spare time over the weekend, pop into your nearest Builders store to grab supplies to make this easy DIY cabana and seating for your garden.

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Recycle an Old Bookcase or Make this Project New

Repurposing old furniture is good for the environment and this no longer used bookcase turns into a fun produce cart for a little girl.


DIY Wood Frame Wall-Mounted Plant Hangers

When you have a blank wall, adding a wall-mounted display brings the wall to life and these wood frame plant hangers will add interest and bring a touch of nature indoors.


Make a Coffee or Side Table with PVC Pipe

Pop into Builders and buy a couple of lengths of PVC to make a coffee table or side table for the living room.

How to Make a TV Unit or Media Cabinet

Making furniture you have seen in a store is one way to have a piece of furniture you love and not have to pay a lot of money for it.

DIY Corner Bench Dining Seating Area

For anyone needing a dining area in a small room, or a dine-in area in the kitchen, this floating corner bench is the perfect seating arrangement you can make.

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DIY Storage Platform for under Washing Machine

Here is a great DIY project if your washing machine or tumble dryer is not mounted under a countertop and it will save you much-needed space and provide extra storage.

Build Bird Boxes for your Garden

I never used to think about attracting birds to my garden, but over the years, I have established a friendship with the many different species of birds that nest in the garden and bathe in the bird bath.

How to Make Your Own Mounted Canvas

You can save a lot of money by making custom mounted canvas for yourself and they look just as good - if not better - than readymade mounted canvas.

Quick Project: A Table that Fits over an Ottoman

An ottoman is a great piece of furniture for a living room and adding a table that fits over an ottoman is a space-saving idea to add a coffee table to the room.

DIY Picture Frame Ideas you can Make

With everything going up in price there couldn't be a better time to take out your tools to make your own home decor and we have a selection of DIY picture frames that you can make.

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How to Make a Solid Wood Dining Table

Here is a dining table that you can make over a weekend, and you can choose the material you want to make it with, whether it be Pine, Meranti, Saligna or other hardwood.

Making a DIY Coffee Table for the Home

Having moved my lounge back into its original place, it is time for me to take furniture pieces for the room, including a custom coffee table.

DIY sofa table with reclaimed wood finish

There is a lot of reclaimed pine furniture around now, but is it really reclaimed pine or just pine that is made to look aged?

A Circular Table with Pine or Meranti Dowels

Furniture and accessories with curves bring a softness into any room and now you can make an inexpensive circular table with a few scraps of wood and some pine or meranti dowels.

Make this Modern Bench for a Home

This modern bench made from PAR pine is one that you can start and finish in a couple of hours by following the instructions below.

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How to Set Up a Furniture Upcycling Business

Upcycling furniture is a hot topic that has spread across social media, and it is a worthwhile business to look at setting up if you love restoring or upcycling any type of furniture.

A DIY Laundry Rack for the Bathroom

Finding the previous drying rack that I made so, so handy, I decided to make another one for the upstairs bathroom.


This Cat Bed and Side Table is Super-Easy to Make!

If you are looking for a way to keep your feline friends off the furniture, this DIY cat bed is super-easy to make and very inexpensive.


7 Free Cool Kreg Storage Projects Plans for your Workshop

DIY Drill Storage Cabinet, DIY Mobile Workbench with Storage Shelf, Scrap Wood Organizer, Spray Paint Storage Cabinet, Finishing and Supply Cabinet, Paint and Stain Storage Shelf.


Quick Project: Make a Wood Slat Coffee Table

This quick project shows how to make a wood slat coffee table where you can buy everything you need at Builders Warehouse.

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Make a Custom Stand for a Fish Tank

When it comes to choice, there is very little to be made when it comes to a custom stand for a fish tank which is why it is better to make your own stand.


Make New Doors for Old Furniture

There are plenty of ways to give old furniture a new look and in this article, we explain how to install new doors for a more modern piece.

Project Ideas using Reclaimed Pallets

Using reclaimed pallets is an inexpensive way to make various items for the home at very little cost and it is also a fun way to add something different to a home.

Easy DIY Ledge Shelves to Display Art

Use hanger bolts to hang floating shelves on the wall without any visible brackets or screws.

Build a Seat That is also a Toy Box

Children's bedrooms need seating and storage, and this DIY toy box serves both purposes.

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Make a Coffee Table or Side Table with Hairpin Legs

Furniture with hairpin legs continues to be popular and you will find them used on chairs, tables, and cabinets as a way to make a living room feel less cluttered with their lightweight and open design.

These Vertical Shelves are Perfect for a Small Bedroom

Small or medium, most bedrooms need as much space as possible to comfortably move around, and these vertical shelves will provide storage without sacrificing floor space.

Setting up a Bar at Home

Social distancing has become a new normal for everyone and if you love to entertain at home, perhaps this might be the best time to think about installing a home bar.

How to Make a Simple Yet Stunning Wine Rack

This simple wooden wine rack will only take you an hour to make and all the materials you need are at your local Builders store.

Make a Pine Garden Bench

This pine garden bench offers the perfect seating for on a deck or patio, or even when placed under a shady spot in the garden.

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Quick Project: Make a Stylish Wood Picture Frame

Framing your favourite photographs require an equally beautiful frame in which to mount them, and this wood picture frame perfectly fits the bill.

How To Make Stackable Storage Crates

Great for storage in any room, these stackable storage crates are also easy to make and ideal for a child's bedroom or playroom to corral toys.

Quick Project: DIY Plant Seating Bench

Easy to make using a variety of materials, this simple bench allows you to place plants at either side for a decorative seating feature that is perfect for an entrance hall or on a patio.

How to Make and Install Fake Ceiling Beams

Wooden ceiling beams add architectural detail to any home and they are an easy and affordable project if you fancy adding fake ceiling beams to any room in the home.

A Table For The Garden Or Patio

Use meranti, saligna or PAR pine to make this table for your garden or patio.

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Make A Small Cupboard For Makeup

It has been some time since I refreshed my walk-through closet area by giving it a couple of coats of paint and fitting mirrors on the built-in cupboard doors and now I am adding a compact makeup cupboard.

Make a Mini Picnic Table and Stools

This mini picnic set is just right for kids and if you make it now it will be ready for use in the garden when summer arrives.

Quick Project: How To Make A Panel Door

Making designer panel doors is just one of the easy ways to update a home without spending too much money.

Quick Project: Make An Easy and Stylish Wall Shelf

An easy DIY wall shelf is perfect for decorative storage in a living room, family room or even a home office - plus it's simple to make and you don't need a pegboard for this one.

Make A House Frame Bed With Storage Cubbies

This plywood and pine house frame bed with storage cubbies is an easy project you can complete over a weekend.

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Make A Set Of Stackable Pine Beds

Stackable beds are great space-savers making them ideal for a children's bedroom if you need an extra bed for a sleepover.

Quick Project: DIY All-Purpose Portable Table

If you need some extra worktop space for the kitchen, for your sewing machine or even for a potting bench, this all-purpose table is a quick project you can assemble in a day.

Quick Project: Make a Pine and Hessian Privacy Screen

Use PAR pine and hessian to make a folding privacy screen for a bedroom, bathroom or open plan living room.

How To Make A Front End Loader Bed or Dump Truck Bed

I am posting this article on how to make a Front End Loader Bed on request for a couple of readers who want to make one for their son.

Quick Project: Make A Handy Step Stool

A step stool or low stool comes in handy in the workshop or around the home and you can make a set of nesting stools in an hour or so.

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How To Make A Pegboard Storage Shelf

This pegboard storage shelf is handy for storage in almost any room in a home and it's easy to make.

Quick Project - Make a Garage Storage Shelf

For a garage that has become a dumping ground for "stuff", this plywood shelf is a great storage solver and you can make it using pine shutterply on the cheap.

How To Make A Large Or Small Lego Table

Kids love to play with Lego but the pieces can end up all over the floor while this Lego table has a play area and plenty of storage.

How to make a feature wall for fireplace

For those thinking of installing a gas or electric fireplace, this feature wall allows easy fitting and you can mount the TV.

10 Crafty DIY Projects You Can Do For The Home

When you are feeling a bit creative and not sure where to focus your crafty DIY skills, here are a few DIY projects you can do for the home.

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How To Make This Quick And Easy Bookcase

This quick and easy bookcase won't take long to make and it's the perfect size for a study or home office, children's bedroom or in a living room or entrance.

Make A Shelf In 10 Minutes!

If you need extra storage in your home, here's a 10 minutes shelf you can DIY in... well, 10 minutes!

Ways To Make Old Furniture Look More Modern

Everyone has that one piece of furniture that doesn't seem to fit anywhere, but there are plenty of ways to make old furniture look more modern.

Easy And Practical Key holder Projects To Make

This year, if the clutter in your home is already out of control, why not consider making a key holder or command centre to corral all your stuff.

Quick Project: Make these Easy Wall Shelves for any Room

These shelves are probably one of the easiest and most affordable to make and they would be ideal for extra storage or display in any room in a home.

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Make a Modern Clock with Reclaimed Wood and Copper Accents

Whether you make for yourself or to give as a gift, this modern clock will take pride of place in any home with its reclaimed wood charm and copper accent.

DIY Stylish and Unique Serving or Bar Trolley

If you love to entertain, a serving or bar trolley is a must-have and this DIY bar trolley is an easy project that is affordable and stylish at the same time.

Set Up A Home Cinema In The Garden

If you are staying home for the holidays and looking for fun ways to entertain the family, you will love this easy way to set up a home cinema in the garden.

Quick Project: Sheet Metal Coffee Filter Stand

Add a metallic touch to your kitchen with this DIY coffee filter stand that you can make in copper, aluminium or other sheet metal.

Make Doggie Accessories on the Cheap!

I have seen some high-end doggie accessories that cost a fortune, and then there are doggie accessories you can make that look great and cost little.

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How to Add a Bar to your Outdoor Area

When you love to entertain outdoors in the garden, adding a bar is one way to liven up the atmosphere.

DIY Pine Sun Lounger for the Poolside

Everybody needs a place to sit and relax on weekends and this DIY pool sun lounger is good-looking enough for any poolside and easy to make over a weekend.

Quick Project: Make a Coffee Table that's also a Dog Crate

With experts agreeing on using a dog crate for puppies, this project shows how to can build a coffee table that is also a dog crate for your pet.

DIY Book Ledges or Display Shelves

If you need to a place to display artwork or accessories, or your child needs a place for books, these ledges are quick and easy to make.

Quick Project: Simple Room Divider

Pop into your local Builders or hardware store for PAR pine and supplies and grab your power tools to make this quick and easy room divider.

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Use DIY Pegboards For Storage And As A Decorative Accessory

Pegboards have become popular in the last few years, especially DIY pegboards that use dowels and easily mounted shelves for both storage and as a decorative accessory.

Make A DIY Wooden Picnic Table For Summer Dining

The hotter months of the year make it perfect to dine outdoors and this wooden picnic table will seat an entire family.

DIY Console Table for Entrance or Hallway

Make this attractive console table using PAR pine and laminated pine and place in an entrance or hallways.

Build a Climbing Wall for the Kids

Schools in - schools out - who knows! One thing for sure is that this climbing wall will keep the kids occupied for hours.

Make This Patio Umbrella Stand And Table

Pine crates are great for turning into a handy side table or a bedside table, and you don't need anything other than a drill/driver and some galvanised pipe and fittings - or substitute with copper pipe.

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Make This Patio Umbrella Stand And Table

Use plywood and pine, or replace with meranti or saligna, to make this practical patio table and umbrella stand.


Make a Custom Wooden Planter for Patio or Garden

This DIY wooden planter can be made in any size to add to your patio, deck or outdoor area, plus you can use your choice of material.


Low Cost, Easy Slat Bench with Stylish Design

Using untreated pine lets you make an affordable slat bench that has a stylish design and is very easy to assemble.


Make a Modern Outdoor Patio Set

Garden furniture doesn't come cheap these days, in fact, you can expect to pay thousands for a decent patio set, which is why it makes a lot of sense to make your own outdoor sofa or patio set.

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Build a Portable Table for Outdoor Braai or Picnic

This portable picnic or braai table lets your prepare all your meals without missing any comforts you have at home, plus it's also a great addition to your outdoor entertainment area if you don't have an outdoor kitchen.


A Handy Shed for your Dustbins

Dustbins can be an eyesore but this handy shed made using PAR pine is a great way to store one or two dustbins out of sight.


Make Easy Box Shelves for Storage in any Room

Box shelves are easy to make and you can arrange them in a variety of configurations to provide essential storage for any room in a home.


Make a Laundry Station or Cupboard for your Ironing Board

Mounting your ironing board on a laundry station makes it easy to start ironing without having to set everything up, and you can store all your ironing essentials in the laundry station.


Folding Office or Study Desk

When you don't have a dedicated office or place to study, this folding office or study desk lets you set up a workspace wherever you need it.

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Craft Centre to Keep your Craft or Hobby Room Organised

Many people are turning to their crafts and hobbies as a way to bring in extra cash, and this craft centre will help you stay organised.


Make a Floating Day Bed for a Playroom, Living Room or Patio

Gently swing yourself to sleep with this floating day bed that can be installed in a playroom, living room, or out on a patio.

Key Holder that Floats on the wall with a French Cleat

Every home should have a handy key holder - a place to hang your keys when you get home, and this floating key holder lets you practice your French cleat skills.

Make a Modular Shelf Unit for a Children's Bedroom

Children's bedrooms always need storage furniture and this modular shelf unit is great for both storage and display, plus it's easy to make.

How to Get the Most out of DIY and Enjoy It!

When deciding to be a DIY enthusiast there are a few tips I can share that will make the experience more enjoyable and allow you to make the most of DIY.

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Upcycle an Old Door into a Practical Shelf Unit

Upcycling an old door into a shelf unit has been done in many different ways, but this one has to be the easiest and most practical.

There's nothing quite as Satisfying as DIY

If there is one thing that the lockdown has made us realise it's that being able to do stuff yourself has its advantages, so why not think about getting stuck in DIY with one of these scrap wood projects?

DIY 1-Piece Picnic Table and Benches

Many find ourselves with a bit more time on our hands, so why not make something like this 1-piece picnic table and benches - perfect for dining outdoors in the garden.

Quick Project: Children's Play Tent for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Keeping the kids occupied until the beginning of June is going to be a difficult task for parents but this fun play tent will keep them busy - either indoors or outdoors.

DIY Deck or Garden Chair with Pallet Wood

If you have spent the time in lockdown catching up on jobs around the home, here's your chance to relax in a deck chair made using pallet wood.

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Make New Doors or Kitchen Cabinets

If you're in the mood to give your kitchen a new look but can't afford a full-on renovation, you could look at making your own kitchen cabinet doors to achieve a brand new kitchen makeover.

Make a Holder for your Books, Tablet or Kindle

This quick and easy project is a great way to use up any wood scraps that you have lying around to make a holder for your books, tablet or kindle.

Make this DIY Drinks Table for the garden

Whether you are relaxing in the garden or setting up for a picnic in the park, this DIY drinks table is just the thing to hold your drinks and glasses or even your snacks.

Add Storage to a Bedroom with this Wall-Mounted Shelf

Every bedroom needs some form of bedside storage, and this wall-mounted shelf unit provides that, plus it is wall-mounted to take up less floor space.


How to Add Faux Decorative Skirting to Walls

Decorative skirting adds a finishing touch to any room, but when you can't afford to have decorative skirtings installed or can't find what you're looking for - you can always try this method!

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Build a Child's Bed with Flatpack Bookshelves

Not all children's bedrooms have enough space for a bed and lots of storage, so why not build a bed that's on top of all the storage!


Benefits Of Doing DIY Furniture To Add To Your Home

In this article, we discuss the benefits of having DIY furniture for your home.


How to Make an Upholstered and Tufted Ottoman

An upholstered ottoman is a great addition to a room that needs extra storage, and a tufted ottoman adds a touch of elegance to a room.


DIY Disaster - When you Should Not DIY it!

The Internet is overflowing with DIY ideas, crafts and projects, but not everyone should get involved in DIY - there are times when you should not DIY it!


Make a Sturdy Pine Base for Children's Bed

This sturdy pine base is ideal for a young child and offers a unique way to decorate a bedroom for a youngster, plus you can modify the measurements to make the pine base to any size.

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Rustic Bedside Table that's Easy to Make

You always need storage at the side of the bed, and this DIY bedside table is affordable to make and easy to assemble.


DIY Kids Toy collection

New kiddies build-it-yourself range of toy sets - Construct different toys with Tork Craft’s Create and Learn DIY Kids Toy Collection.


DIY Gifts that you can Make

This article is especially for all the DIY Divas out there - even those who haven't yet put their newfound skills to good use!


Make A Wine Gift Box

Kreg and Dremel have partnered to show you how to make this handmade Wine Gift Box.


Most Popular DIY Projects in 2019

Based on social media statistics, we have compiled our most popular DIY projects for 2019 - as determined  by our readers.

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Adorable DIY WigWam or TeePee Bed for Little Boys

In this project we take you step-by-step through making this DIY WigWam or TeePee bed for your little boy or grandson.


DIY Make a Wood Bathroom Vanity

With its simple lines and easy construction, this DIY wooden bathroom vanity can be stained in your choice of wood tint to provide an elegant storage solution for any bathroom.

Hidden storage ideas

The average home is generally fitted with limited storage options and every family eventually reaches the stage where more storage is required, so we have some great DIY storage solutions for you.

Quick Project

With this easy cookbook stand you can have your recipes at hand, whether you use a cookbook or tablet.

DIY Projects using Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood or pallet wood is an eco-friendly way to save money and create a few unique pieces for a home.

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Kiddies Book Nook Shelving Unit

This kiddies book nook is a quick and easy project that let's mom or dad set up a reading corner for little ones.


This Badly Scratched Table gets a Revamp!

There comes a time when a badly scratched tabletop needs some TLC, and this farmhouse style table gets a revamp and a new lease on life.


Old Hutch becomes an Amazing Fireplace Feature

See how an old pine hutch is transformed into an amazing fireplace feature at very little cost and with readily available materials.


Make your own affordable patio furniture

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 for an inexpensive way to make your own garden chairs and table.


Folding Side Table is Great for Indoors and Outdoors

When you need an extra side table, whether indoors or outdoors, this folding table is stylish enough for serving tea with family and friends, or for drinks when you entertain.

How To Pick The Right Fabric For A Bean Bag Chair?

Not sure about the ideal fabric for your bean bag chair? Take a look at our informative guide to get all your answers right away.

Common Challenges and Solutions in Working with PVC Edgebanding

We explore some of the common hurdles encountered during installation and provide practical solutions to ensure a smooth and professional outcome with PVC edgebanding.

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