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How to Make Doggie Accessories on the Cheap!

I have seen some high-end doggie accessories that cost a fortune, and then there are doggie accessories you can make that look great and cost little.



In my line of work, I come across a lot of furniture and accessories that are over-priced and not worth the asking price. If you have a few basic tools, some pieces of reclaimed pallet wood, or even just a few pieces of PAR pine, you can make some Instagram-worthy dog accessories that look far better than what you can buy in the pet store.

I need to make my furby a new storage container for his dog food, since the last one I made a few years back finally gave up on me. After looking around for ideas, I came across some great ways to make your own doggie accessories, whether you need a dog bed, dog food container or even storage for dog bowls. Take a look...

All of the pieces shown below are the work of Sally Grist Artwork, who sells most of her pet projects on Etsy. Since most of the items don't ship to South Africa, I'm sure that Sally won't mind me sharing her projects for those who want to make their own and have some skill with using power tools. If not, you can always get in touch with Sally to order specific pieces.








There's not much to making a dog food storage container - it's basically just box with a lid. A word of advice, if you do intend to do this design for your pet, keep the pet food in the bag it came in and place this in the storage container. You don't want the food to lose moisture and dry out and keeping it in the original packaging will prevent this from happening.


If I had more time to make stuff, there's business potential here for a local entrepreneur. And if someone does decide to go for it and make these doggy food containers, let me know as I will be first in line to buy one!



The container size shown above is ideal for a small or medium-breed dog, but nothing is stopping you from making a larger one for a big bag of dog food.

If you don't need a place to store dog food, you can also use these storage containers to well... store stuff! When you have a pet or two there's always stuff lying around and these DIY containers are a great way to keep everything in one place.











When buying directly from Sally, you have the option of choosing between a natural look and a whitewashed look. How would you go about achieving this? It's quite easy. You can use a plain watered down paint whitewash, you can apply a coat or two of chalk paint and then sand this back, or you can buy specific Rust-Oleum paint products that give you the look without too much effort.



The 'fancy' labels for the dog food storage containers can be cut out of 3mm SupaWood (MDF), Masonite or hardboard. These are painted and sanded and then hand-painted with the wording. These days, you can download almost any type of font for free and then print on your PC printer before transferring onto an object for tracing and painting. 




What dog doesn't love to play around occasionally or - if you have a dog like mine - drive you mad all day long! Toys can quickly be spread throughout the house or get lost in the garden, and that's why I think a doggies toy box is a great idea. You can even make it a part of their training for them to collect all their toys and put them back in the toy box when playtime is over.



The doggies toy box is just as easy to make as the dog food storage container, and looks just as cute as the dog!









Unless your furby sleeps in your bed or on the furniture, he or she needs a comfortable place to sleep.  I just love how cute these dog beds are and you can add extra stuffing to the cushions to make them ultra-comfy!



Like all the projects shown on this page, you can make the doggie bed to the perfect size for your dog. Make sure to allow plenty of room for stretching out or curling up in a ball.




If you order doggie furniture from Sally, she includes a set of custom upholstery to accompany her doggie beds. The fabric is made to fit in 100% cotton outer with a cute paw-print theme on the outside. Don't skimp on the batting for padding the cushions - let your pet enjoy his pet bed.





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