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How to Get the Most out of DIY and Enjoy It!

When deciding to be a DIY enthusiast there are a few tips I can share that will make the experience more enjoyable and allow you to make the most of DIY.


Having personally met over 8,000 individuals over the course of my workshops, I have come to realise that not everyone enjoys DIY as much as they should do. Why is this you might say, and there are quite a few reasons that come to mind and that I have included below.



For over 15 years that I have been hosting DIY-Divas at my home, it is obvious that there are so many individuals out there that want to become involved in DIY, but are just too scared of using their power tools. Both ladies and guys have attended a Beginners Power Tool Workshop intending to find out how to use their tools properly. And then I discover that they have already bought the tools - they just haven't taken then out of the box!




Why would you go to the expense of buying brand new power tools only to be too afraid to take them out of the box? It's like buying a sewing machine and being scared to switch it on, or a new coffee machine and never having made a cup of coffee because you don't know how it works! These days, everything comes with an instruction manual, so all you have to do is open the box and read the manual.

The power tools you buy today - when you fork out on a decent brand, of course, are designed to be easy to use. Most tools that people consider dangerous have so many built-in safety features that it's almost impossible to do yourself harm - unless you don't bother to read the instruction manual or have no common sense whatsoever!

If you never bother to take your new power tools out of the box, you're never going to find out how easy it is to use them. The sooner you unpack the box and read the instruction manual - the sooner you can get cracking on that first DIY project.



If you have ever attended a DIY-Divas workshop, you will know that I am a huge Bosch Power Tools fan, but everyone has their favourite brand; perhaps they like the colour of the tools or could be that they don't want to spend a fortune on tools. First and foremost, you need to be comfortable with the tools you buy and know that you are buying a brand that invests in safety and secondly, that you buy a power tool that isn't going to let you down.




From personal experience, I know that there's no greater reward than starting and completing a project - a job well done. But if your tools fail you along the way, perhaps they require too much effort to use, or perhaps they don't make quick of the task at hand, you want to know that the tools you buy will do what you want them to do - when you want it done.

At the DIY-Divas workshops, we discuss different tools brands but also focus on whether you really need that top-end sander, or the table saw that comes with everything. When you're starting out, the most important thing to keep in mind is to only buy tools you need. Later on, as you gain more experience then you can look at investing in bigger, better tools.




At the very least, you need to invest in a folding workbench as a place where you can set up shop. It's no good trying to do your projects on the dining room table, it's only going to create a lot of tension and frustration when you have to keep putting everything away to feed the family!




A small workbench won't set you back more than a couple of hundred Rands for a decent model, and because it can be folded up, you can set it up outdoors in the garden, in the garage, or even under the carport. And it's easy to fold it up and pack it away when not needed.




Women tend to be more safety conscious when it comes to using power tools. Perhaps that's why more men end up in the emergency room after fighting with their angle grinder! Safety First is a rule that everyone should employ when using any type of power tool. No matter what you are doing, accidents are going to happen when you don't pay attention or apply a least a modicum of common sense.

A good example of failing to consider safety first is when you see gardeners outdoor mowing with an electric lawnmower - in the rain! Think about what you are going to be doing, invest in the proper safety gear and dress for the occasion, and do yourself a favour and READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL!



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