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Make a Custom Stand for a Fish Tank

When it comes to choice, there is very little to be made when it comes to a custom stand for a fish tank which is why it is better to make your own stand.




Follow the basic diagrams at the bottom of this page to make a fish tank stand that complements the decor in your home.



Anyone who has or has had a fish tank will agree that there are very little out there as far as stands for fish tanks are concerned. They have a limited number of designs where you purchase the fish tank, but other than that, anything else you will have to make it yourself. But that's okay! If you are able to make your own fish tank stand, at least you can make one that is perfect for your particular fish tank, and you can finish it so that it blends with your style of home decor. 





Build a simple cupboard with a door and add as many shelves as you need for your storage needs.









The design shown here is a basic stand that looks anything but thanks to some panelling strips on the door front and a distressed paint technique, both of which you can do yourself if you want something similar.





I haven't included measurements for the top section that fits on top of the tank, but this is exactly the same size as the frame used at the bottom and top of the base section, with a few cut outs here and there to allow for the pump, fittings and pipes which go down the back of the unit through a hole drilled in the back piece.





Make the fish tank of a decent size that will allow you to store accessories underneath such as fish food, replacement parts and anything else your fish tank requires.



Finish off the fish tank stand in any way you wish. The one shown here was given two coats of Linen White chalk paint, with the second coat being dry-brushed on to give the appearance of a distressed finish.



Add details that carry through the look you want for the finished fish tank stand such as the finish and any accessories you use.









How to Make a Stand for your Fish Tank

Because there are so many different sizes when it comes to fish tanks, making a stand for your own fish tank will require that you take accurate measurements.


Determine the total height that you want for the fish tank, this will probably be something between 700mm and 800mm for it to be at an ideal viewing height. Next, measure the length and width of the tank as this will determine the size of the unit, especially the top frame that supports the tank and which is exactly the same size as the frame at the bottom of the unit.





Once you have all the required measurements, draw up a sketch where you can determine the sizes for all the pieces you need to make the unit. The diagram here is done using 21mm PAR pine and laminated pine shelving, so everything you need can be found at your nearest Builders store.








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