Handy DIY keypad holder

My desk is usually choc full of stuff  and it reaches the stage where I have to move piles around just to find a pen. I decided to make a holder to fit over  the top of my PC keypad where I can conveniently store items I use everyday - including a place for my cellphone.

Fold-down craft table or workbench

Quite a few readers have asked me to make a drop-down craft table similar to the one shown here. I decided to modify the design slightly to make a simple drop-down table that can be used as a craft table or workbench

Fold-down dining table

You can make this wall-mounted dining table or desk using laminated pine or 16mm marine plywood and leave as is or stain and varnish in your choice of finish, or you can make using 16mm MDF and paint to match your existing decor.

Colourful storage boxes

Here's an easy way to make colourful storage cubes using some PAR pine, a few tools and some Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. You can stack up the storage cubes to make a colourful display that would look great in a child's bedroom or playroom.

Dual-purpose table for family games

You can set up this games table for family fun indoors or out and create your own board designs if you want to play more than one game at a time. The games table is large enough to comfortably allow for four players.

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Child's bed with bookshelf or storage headboard

In a small bedroom this child's bed with its bookshelf or storage headboard takes up no additional space and offers a place to store books and small toys.

How to make an easy trestle desk

What makes this project simple is that you use a ready-made pine slat door and a couple of pine trestles - all of which you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. However, making your own basic pine trestles will cut down on the total cost to make this trestle desk.

3-in-1 table

Made from 16mm marine plywood (with meranti veneer) this 3-in-1 table is quick and easy to make if you have all your boards cut to size and assemble using a biscuit joiner.

Easy plywood study desk

This marine plywood desk is super easy to make and can be done in a day. Dress up a child's bedroom with a compact and practical desk. Mount recycled paint cans spray painted in bold Rust-Oleum spray paint colours for storage or display.

Bookshelf for books and toys

Our MDF bookshelf offers plenty of storage for books and toys for a child's bedroom. You will only need half a sheet of 16mm MDF to make the bookshelf and have board left over to make a second bookcase, or for another project.

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Outdoor storage coffee table

A couple of months back we featured step-by-step instructions for making an outdoor sofa. In this project we made a storage coffee table, so that we can store the upholstered seat cushions when not in use and make sure they are kept dry.

Side table that's also a pet bed

Here's a space saving solution that is not only a side table - it also doubles as a pet bed. Ideal for a small home with pampered cats or dogs, you won't need to make space for an additional pet bed and can modify the size to make a coffee table using 16mm marine plywood.

Make a wood knife block

You can make your own knife block using offcuts of PAR pine or meranti and have a practical knife block that holds all our kitchen knives for easy access and also out of harms way if there are young children in the house.

Hanging bedside shelf

Make using a piece of pine or a circular pine chopping board, some scrap leather or pleather and lighting cable you can easily make a hanging shelf for both sides of the bed.

How to make a DIY shelf unit

Use meranti to make a simple yet practical wall-mounted shelf unit. For this shelf we show you two methods of joining the boards together; using a biscuit jointer or using a Kreg pockethole jig.

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Basic wood cube modular storage units

Over the years I have often extolled the uses for a basic cube, whether you add a shelf, a couple of drawers, or a door, you can make basic cubes out laminated pine, meranti or your choice of hardwood. So simple to make yet stunning when put together.

Cheat's diamond-tufted ottoman

After this weekend I had spare pieces leftover from the DIY Divas ottoman workshop and decided to show you an easy way to get the look of diamond-tufted upholstered pieces... with a small cheat!

Drop-leaf desk

This compact wall-mounted desk has a drop-down flap that serves as a worktop for a laptop that takes up very little space in a small home office or child's bedroom.

Storage bookcases for home office

When you work from home, whether full time or part time, storage is essential. Building a couple of side-by-side bookcases using MDF provides ample storage for files and storage baskets, and even space to include a few decorative accessories.

Sandpit with seating and lid

Young children love a sandpit and can spend hours with a bucket and spade make sandcastles and having fun. This sandpit has a lid that can be easily placed over the top to keep out cats and ensure the sand stays clean.

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Outdoor dining tables you can make

If you haven't yet set up a space for outdoor dining, we have put together a collection of gorgeous outdoor dining that will inspire you to grab your power tools and some wood, or shop around for affordable alternatives.

Add trim to hollow-core door

In this DIY project we show how easy it is to transform plain hollow-core doors into a feature using inexpensive pine moulding. It is a simple and affordable way to add detailing to boring doors and one that you can easily do in a day.

DIY pullout trouser rack

Adding a pullout trouser rack or two allows you to easily sort your clothes and frees up hanging space. Using this design you can make a 'his' and 'hers' pullout trouser rack to replace two shelves in a small cupboard.

Reclaimed wood table for the garden

Use reclaimed wood or a pallet to fashion a rustic wood table for your garden or patio. Many stores that stock large appliance and furniture use wood pallets and it's just a matter of finding one that is willing to let you take a pallet, either free or at a small cost.

Make a simple storage headboard

This storage headboard adds easy storage above and at the sides of a bed, and we provide instructions to make the storage headboard for any size of bed.

3-Level bunk beds for small bedroom

After featuring the article on finding space in a small bedroom for more beds, and finding the instructions for making a 3-level bunk bed, I thought it would be nice to provide metric measurements and options for using local materials.

Easy barn style sliding door

Turn a plain hollow core door into a trendy barn-style door using pine and supawood strips and some Pattex No More Nails adhesive. Attach a sliding mechanism and free up room in your living spaces.

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Build a tower bookshelf

In a smaller home, townhouse or apartment there isn't always space for a bookcase, so easyDIY looked at various options for a stylish yet practical alternative to this and came up with a bookcase tower.

Simple desk for boy or girl

I discovered this simple desk design on Maison Du Monde, a French furniture manufacturer. It consists of two open shelf units and a top and sells for around R2500.

Storage shelf for boy's bedroom

This simple wall shelf can be mounted above a bed or desk to provide storage for toys, books and accessories, or decor. We used 16mm SupaWood and the project took 30 minutes to cut and assemble everything.

Storage bench that's also a toybox

This practical storage bench also serves as a toybox. The seat lifts up to provide a place to store toys out of sight and keep any child's bedroom uncluttered.

New storage cabinets for DIY Divas workspace

Getting our DIY Divas work space more organised has been at the top of my 'To Do' list forever. This past week I finally got around to making new storage cabinets to house all our tools and supplies.

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Bathroom storage shelves

These wooden shelf units are ideal for a bathroom and you can make them using PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.

DIY laptop stand or laptop lap tray

This laptop stand or lap tray is perfect for anyone who finds themselves working in a situation where a table or desk isn't available. I made this laptop stand for my son, who is presently doing studies and either sits on his bed or couch.

Lego or toy storage units

Kids love to play with Lego and you invariably end up with pieces of Lego all over the house. Why not make a simple organiser that can be used to store Lego and small toys but still allow the kids to have easy access - and an easy way to tidy up after they have finished.

DIY house-shaped desk for little girl

This pretty house-shaped desk is ideal for any little girl's bedroom. The design takes up very little space but offer plenty of storage. The front section of the house roof drops down and serves as a desktop; resting on the open cabinet doors.

Plywood or supawood painted headboard

Make a headboard for any size of bed using a sheet of 18mm plywood or 16mm supawood, with a painted design in the centre. What's nice about this easy headboard is that you can cut the design to any shape you want.

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DIY designer patio furniture

Forget my last feature for DIY outdoor furniture, this is definitely one garden suite that I want to build. The outdoor patio suite probably costs a small fortune but is a simple DIY project that anyone could tackle.

Easy DIY storage boxes

Make these storage boxes using PAR pine available at your local Builders Warehouse. Paint them  in pastel shades, or go bold with a can or two of Rust-Oleum 2X in your choice of colour.

DIY modular storage shelves

These modular storage shelves are so easy to make using PG Bison 16mm supawood, PAR pine and masonite backing board. Add a splash of colour to your modular shelf unit with  paint or spray paint.

Make basic cubes for modular storage furniture

Using a basic cube to make furniture is an easy and affordable way to add storage or decorative furniture to your home.

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Monkey business tree-shaped coat rack

Make a tree-shaped coat rack or hanger out of PG Bison 12mm SupaWood and paint this in your choice of colour for a fun coat rack or hanger for a child's bedroom.

25 DIY shoe storage ideas

If you love shoes you're probably looking for ways to keep your shoes organised. Having a built-in or freestanding shoe organiser allows you to store a small or large collection of shoes, as well as find your shoes easily, and prevent them from getting scuffed.

Make a shoe storage cabinet

If your built-in cupboards are piled high with shoes, perhaps it's time to look at building a shoe storage organiser.

Mobile storage coffee table

This storage coffee table is made from a couple of wine crates and is ideal for storing TV remotes, kids toys, magazines, and CD and DVDs. It's also practical for children's bedrooms as a toybox on wheels, or on the patio for storing accessories.

DIY easy home office or child's desk

I saw this desk on pinterest and immediately thought it would be a great project for a DIY Divas workshop. The Divas completed the desk today and I though it might be nice to share the project with you. Make this desk for a home office or for a child's bedroom.

DIY outdoor garden furniture

With easy access to tools and materials for DIY enthusiasts, making outdoor garden furniture has become a growing trend that many like to take on as an alternative and affordable option for outdoor furniture.

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Storage chest or toybox for nursery or bedroom

This storage chest is just the thing for a nursery or child's bedroom. It has plenty of room for toys, clothes or nursery accessories. Plus, at the base of he storage chest there are drawers for disposable nappies, and a secret compartment at the back that will come in handy.

DIY workshop storage cubes

If you need storage in your workshop, these plywood cubes are just the thing. You can make them any size you want and add more battens to increase the amount of storage capacity for screws, accessories, hardware and more.

Rustic pine or reclaimed wood egg holder

We have been making this rustic pine egg holder at some of our DIY Divas Beginner Workshops and I thought that it was time to share! It's a nice and easy project to make for your own kitchen, or to give to someone as a gift.

Add rustic charm to a guest bedroom

Here's an easy way to add rustic charm to a bedroom by adding pine moulding and trim to create a feature wall behind the bed. You can paint or stain the pine to match the existing decor and add a few accessories to dress up a cosy guest bedroom.

Make an indoor swing

Perfect for an enclosed patio or sunroom, or even for a family room, this indoor swing is easy to make if you have basic DIY skills, plus you will find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.

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Quick and easy wall shelves

So many rooms have empty space that could be used for storage shelves. Installing shelves is a quick and easy project - one that anyone can do - with a bit of DIY savvy. In this bathroom an alcove does duty as a laundry corner and adding shelves makes so much difference!

DIY barn-style sliding door

A barn-style sliding door is a reasonably simple project that uses reclaimed wood and hardware. A sliding style allows for move living space than a conventional door, plus the lightweight design means you can make larger doors close off or divide up a space.

Comfortable sunroom or patio chaise

I love to stretch out on a hot summer's day with a good book and a cool glass of wine. This comfortable chaise is simply a basic pine frame upholstered with a layer of foam and wrapped in fabric.

DIY outdoor slat chairs

If you need chairs for outdoors, these slat chairs are very comfortable and would look good on a deck or patio, or when creating a cosy corner to sit and relax.

Outdoor furniture from timber pallets

Danny in Durban turned raw wood pallets into outdoor garden furniture for his home. Wood pallets that are manufactured locally for deliveries within South Africa are the safest to use.

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DIY mobile bar

This mobile bar is practical and easy to make and perfect to wheel out for when you are entertaining or special events. Made using 16mm PG Bison SupaWood and painted in your choice of colours, you can make in a day and party the same evening!

Door frame mounted child's swing

This practical door frame mounted swing is so easy to make and the most expensive item is the tension rod, although you can mount using rail holders and an aluminium rod, which is a far cheaper option.

Reading corner for outdoor kids

If your kids love spending time outdoors but you're worried about them spending too much time in the sun, this reading corner is just the thing.

Galvanised pipe clothing racks and rails

We have previously featured quite a few projects and inspired decor ideas using galvanised pipe. Now we would like to show you a complete range of galvanised pipe clothes racks and rails that will inspire you to grab your power tools!

PlayHive... modern alternative to a jungle gym

No space for a jungle gym? You don't need much space for a playhive. Originally designed by thoughtbarn, the playhive is a playground structure that anyone with some DIY savvy can assemble in a weekend.

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Decorative mirrors for a home

If you have some time on your hands, making a set of decorative mirrors is not as difficult as you think. A set of three decorative mirrors similar to the ones in this project normally retail at about R2500, but you can make your own for a fraction of the cost.

Simple way to build a window seat

Whether you are fitting a window seat into a squared-off space or a bay window recess, the framing process is the same. A long, narrow space under a window is the perfect space for adding a window seat.

DIY ideas for kid's rooms

Decorating a kiddies bedroom can be expensive when it comes to adding fun accessories, that's why we have put together a selection of DIY decor crafts and projects that you can do in a day (or on a weekend) to add colour and interest to any child's bedroom.

Do-it-yourself bookshelves

Moving around the furniture in our living room meant that the wall where the sofa was originally placed was empty. Since this is the first wall you see when you enter the room, it offered the perfect opportunity to create a feature with some DIY shelves perfect for display.

Book caddy or shelf

This book caddy retail at around R1200 if you had to buy them ready made. Make your own and it will cost you nothing if you use any offcuts lying around, or R600 for a sheet of 16mm PG Bison SupaWood and you can then make 3 or 4 units from one sheet.

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Basic bookcase design and assembly

Today one of our DIY Divas, Praveshree, tackled the Basic Bookcase Workshop. Although simple in design, you can easily modify the sizes to create a higher or wider bookcase and follow the step-by-step instructions for assembly and finishing your bookcase.

Lazy susan turntable for outdoor dining table

A lazy susan turntable is perfect for an outdoor garden table. All your condiments, sauces and jams can be placed on the turntable for easy access to everyone sitting at the table. And making a lazy susan is easy if you use a lazy susan bearing.

Make a set of nesting tables

Nesting tables are practical for small spaces. You can pull them out when entertaining or push them away when not needed. These nesting tables are painted in an off-white colour and lightly distressed, but you can paint them in any colour you like.

Home office desk with glass-topped storage space

We recently showed you how to make a craft or hobby centre on storage cubbies or shelves. In this project you can take the design one step further by adding a storage shelf and glass top to the storage shelves.

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How to make an upholstered sofa or couch

Anyone with a few basic DIY skills could make this sofa and it's simply a matter of working out the dimensions for your frame, having the board and foam cut, buying your fabric and fitting, and assembling.

DIY craft or hobby work station

Make your own craft or hobby work station with 16mm plywood or SupaWood that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. SupaWood is the preferred choice if you plan the paint the craft or hobby station, as our local plywood is not very attractive.

Make a rustic console table or shelf unit

Grab some PAR pine at your local Builders Warehouse to make this easy rustic console table or shelf unit for your home. The unit retails at around R4500, but you can easily make your own for about R500.

DIY window or lattice headboard design

These window headboards are fabulous, but at a cost of over R4600 for a queen-size headboard (excl shipping costs), that's more than what you pay for a bed these days. The solution... make your own window or lattice headboard of course!

Panel screens with venetian blinds

If you need to section or close off an area for privacy, a panel screen is an affordable option. Designing a panel screen that incorporates recycled plastic venetian blinds not only gives you the privacy you need, you can adjust the blinds if you need to let in natural light or airflow.

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Build a modern TV unit or cabinet

I have wanted to replace my TV unit for quite some time and finally got round to doing it this week. The new TV unit is a modular shape that is fairly simple to assemble, and I added some steel mesh to the doors.

Make a modern chunky floating shelf

Here’s an affordable and simple way to make an attractive floating shelf.  We finished our floating shelf in a self-adhesive vinyl, and there are several styles to choose from, or you can paint your floating shelf to match your décor.

New rustic top for farmhouse dining table

Here's a weekend workout for all you hubbies - when the rugby isn't on of course! This feature shows how a hum-drum pine farmhouse dining table was transformed into a beautiful showpiece.

Classic slat garden bench

A place to sit and relax in the garden is a must have, and this classic garden bench combines contemporary good looks with comfort. You can make the bench out of PAR pine, meranti or any hardwood of your choice.

Build a privacy screen for garden, patio or balcony

A privacy screen is a great idea for adding privacy to a townhouse garden, screening off a patio area, blocking off the view from close neighbours, or a way to offer shade to a sunny spot.

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Wall bar for deck, patio or balcony

This nifty wall bar is just the thing for outdoor next to the braai, on a patio, or even on a balcony. You can make it out of pine, or marine plywood if you want to leave it outdoors.

Make a set of nesting tables

These nesting tables are perfect for small living spaces. The table fit neatly inside each other when not in use, or can be unpacked and used for essential storage when needed. They're also great for a children's bedroom.

Make a surfboard table or base for any tabletop

Although we show you how to make a surfboard table, you can use this base for almost any table design you want. Replace the surfboard with a glass top for an indoor or outdoor table. Make the base out of pine plywood for an inexpensive coffee table that looks good.

Industrial style shoe rack

Need a place to store your shoe collection? This industrial style shoe rack is made from galvanised pipe and fittings and can be mounted almost anywhere you have the space.

DIY nail polish organizer

I love collecting nail polish in gorgeous colours and metallic sheens and, although I hardly ever wear nail polish unless it's a special occasion, the colours attract my girly nature.

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Rustic, modern or contemporary furniture using copper pipe

You don't need to spend a fortune to make these reclaimed timber tables for a home, just some reclaimed timber and copper pipes.

Reclaimed wood bed and bedside table

West Elm has some amazing furniture - at similarly amazing prices. Take this reclaimed pine bed for example. The bed retails for just under R18,000 and that's without the shipping cost.

Decorative pine table and stools

Perfect for a sunny spot in a courtyard, on a balcony, or even on a small deck, this decorative pine table and matching seats won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Fit a shelf unit into a door

Here's a great way to add much-needed storage without taking up any extra space. This solid core door has been fitted with a shelf unit. This is a great idea for a children's bedroom, study, or kitchen, where there's no room for extra furniture.

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Build (or buy) a large outdoor farmhouse table

his large, rectangular garden table can be made to seat as many people as you like, and you can make it with supplies readily available at your local Builders Warehouse, or with salvaged wood.

Make a contemporary plywood chair

Here's a chair you can make using 12mm plywood and cable ties for a contemporary chair that is strong and unique. You won't find chairs like these in the stores but they are definitely a conversation piece.

Easy DIY tables with trestle legs

These legs are perfect for a DIY dining table, office desk, dressing table, and similar projects - like the ones shown below. If you have some welding savvy, making these square bar steel trestles isn't a difficult project and perhaps you might want to give it a go.

How to make a farmhouse table

In this article I want to show you some awesome ideas for making a farmhouse table. Once you have seen these ideas I'm sure you'll want to rush out and stock up on supplies.

DIY kiddies storage table and chairs

This kiddies desk or storage table and chairs is actually quite simple to make and looks stunning once painted with Rust-Oleum in shades of blue. The desk lid lifts up and offers a nice storage space for toys or craft and painting supplies.

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Garage storage makes use of available space

Most garages are built to fit one or two cars and leave little space for storage. One space that is under utilised and perfect for adding storage is above a garage door.

Shoe storage carousel on casters with padded top

This carousel is a bit too large to fit into the wardrobe, but you can easily cut the circles to fit in your closet. But if you want to leave off the padded top - you can. You can also make this a larger tower if you have shoes galore!

Mobile trolley for storing timber & board offcuts

Buying most timber and board in small sections is not an option. Suppliers and stores normally sell board products by the sheet - a sheet being 1,8 x 2,7 metres in size.

How to make your own wine crates

I have featured projects on upcycling wine crates and there are so many other projects on the internet. But what if you can't find wine crates, or if you do but they are overpriced or expensive.

Modular bathroom cabinet

This modular bathroom cabinet is made up of separate cubes that can be added to create the ultimate bathroom storage. Mounted on a sturdy base, you can add cubes with drawers, cubes for shelves, or cubes with doors for cupboard to hideaway bathroom clutter.

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DIY box pelmet for window

Pelmets are not only ideal for finishing off at the top of curtained windows, they also look great as a finishing touch for windows fitted with blinds - hiding the hardware out of sight.

Make a storage coffee table

This coffee table is designed for more than one purpose. It's also sturdy enough to use as a TV stand and has plenty of storage space inside. To finish the project, use a whitewashing technique, distress, apply a liming wax, stain in your choice of finish, or paint your coffee table.

Make a storage headboard

In this do-it-yourself storage headboard, storage, style and lighting come together in a project you can build in a couple of hours. Grab all your supplies from Builders Warehouse, have all the 16mm SupaWood cut to size and you are ready to assemble.

Ping-pong coffee table

These days dual purpose furniture is great for kids as it takes up less space than two separate pieces of furniture. But this dual purpose ping-pong table is perfect for a games room or den where children play because it also converts into a coffee table or games table.

Mirror frame with cut branches

Being able to make use of branches from your own garden (or from a friend's garden) means that you can make these framed mirrors for next to nothing - and they look stunning in a bathroom.

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Make a bedside cabinet

Although this cabinet is perfect as a bedside table for a child's bedroom, it can also be used as a bathroom storage cabinet or even a side table for a lounge. You can finish it with various techniques to fit in with your own personal style and add as little or as much detail as you want.

Modern Shaker-style cabinet

With its clean lines and large storage capacity this modern Shaker-style cabinet would be perfect in any room in a home. I made this single cabinet and a double cabinet for my dining room.

Easy DIY arts & craft table and chair

Today we had our DIY Divas workshop and made this child's art and craft table and chair. We cut out all the curved pieces and sanded where necessary and the entire project (excluding painting) took 2 hours from start to finish.

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Build a small corner closet

This might be a small closet, but once you have tackled this project you will realise how simple it is to take this design and make it bigger, perhaps extend the length for a longer, more spacious closet.

DIY dressing table or study desk

I have just finished making a desk for a little girl that can also be purposed into a study desk for a child or adult, or a dressing table.

DIY platform bed in three-quarter, double or queen

Finding a bed that you like these days is not an easy task. Design, finish and price all determine your final selection and you may end up with a bed that you don't really like. With only a little DIY savvy you can quite easily make your own bed.

Professional picture frames

At many DIY Divas workshops I have discussed ways of joining sections of timber or board together and based on the cost of the Bosch Biscuit Joiner, have looked at alternative ways that are more affordable - but not necessarily as easy.

Make a DIY wingback headboard

This DIY project shows that making a DIY wingback headboard is not as difficult as you might think. This DIY wingback headboard is upholstered in a dark grey fabric and complemented by shades of yellow and grey accessories.

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Mirror framed with cut branches

 By far the best framed mirror project that I have seen using cut branches of different sizes - and so affordable and easy to make your own.

How to make an upholstered headboard

I love making upholstered headboard. Having made quite a few upholstered headboards in different shapes and styles, and upholstered in different fabrics, I have realised that this is a good business opportunity for anyone wanting to change careers.

Make a circular ottoman

Quite a few readers have asked me to feature this project on the website. Making this circular ottoman wasn't difficult once I figured out the best way to make it and I will definitely be making more of the same.

Mobile kitchen countertop or server

When you need extra counter space or a mobile server or bar cart, this kitchen cart is the perfect solution. It can be as sleek or as casual as you like, depending on your colour choices and finishes.

How to make a basic upholstered ottoman

I show you how to make an ottoman in different styles: A basic square upholstered ottoman and a circular ottoman. The ottoman design featured below is the easiest ottoman to make and you can easily assemble and upholster in a day.

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Make an ottoman table

Sarah at sarah m dorsey designs has been wanting to make an ottoman table. There are varied designs for this table on the Internet, but I do love the design that she has made.

Make a console table with lacquer finish

I have had a lot of compliments on the console table since making the project earlier this year for Easy DIY magazine. The Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2X spray finish is gloss apple red, but the high-gloss shine looks like a lacquer finish and it what makes all the difference to this project.

DIY cottage bed

Over at bower power, Katie and hubby Jeremy found that sleeping with their new born was not exactly a restful night. To solve the problem they decided to move their existing bed into the guest bedroom and make themselves a new bigger bed.

DIY sliding door

My dressing room and bathroom do not have a bathroom door, and while that's all fine and well if your hubby is always on his best behaviour, mine has the manners of a donkey! It's definitely time to fit a sliding door to hide his bathroom manners.

DIY mini bar cabinet

This drop-down drinks cabinet is ideal for on the patio, in a sun room, or even mounted on a balcony. It allows you to keep glasses and accessories handy, and the drop-down shelf provides a serving space without taking up any valuable floor space.

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DIY kiddies craft table

Our kiddies craft table is perfect for a playroom, or make it smaller to fit into a bedroom. We based the design for this table on our garden table, but modified the top to allow for paint pots to hold crayons, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and even water for painting.

Make a chalkboard menu or notice board

I find chalkboard menu boards very useful. You can hang them in the kitchen to remind you of groceries to buy, or what's for dinner, hang them in the laundry or home office, or make one for the kids to use.

How to make a DIY bedside cabinet

We recently had a jam-packed weekend at DIY Divas, where everyone made a bedside cabinet. The workshop was such a success that I wanted to share the project with you.

How to make a freestanding sandpit

Kids love sand and making a basic frame allows you to provide children with a clean, safe environment to play in. This sandpit frame is very light, making it easy to move around. Plus, the added shade cloth ensures your child stays out of the sun during play.

How to make your own beadboard

When looking to make your own cottage, country or shabby chic furniture and accessories, you are going to need some beadboard. But here in SA, finding beadboard is like hunting for lost treasure. If you own a Dremel Trio, making your own beadboard is quick and easy...

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Make a garden table

I completed a garden table project for Easy DIY magazine. Having been inspired by the guys at Far Out Flora, who used reclaimed timber for their garden table, I wanted a more formal design for the garden.

DIY mobile storage unit

Making your own DIY storage unit is a quick and easy project that will only cost around R500 for materials and accessories. You can buy laminated pine board at your local Builders Warehouse and have this cut to size, and they also stock a range of castor wheels.

Make a vintage Asian style cabinet

Home-Dzine reader, Emily, has begged me to put my new SketchUp skills to use and show her how to make this vintage cabinet. Since I adore vintage style furniture, how could I resist.

How to make a storage bed

A storage bed that incorporates storage drawers, or a pullout bed, is one way to save on space in a small bedroom or guest bedroom.

Use a few basic steps to transform a table

Matsutake transformed a table that was used and abused by a family of 5 for 12 years, and finally relegated to the garage.

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DIY this decorative mirror with onlays

I am sure that you have seen these decorative mirrors on the Internet. They look gorgeous with the circular onlays. Buying one of these decorative mirrors can easily set you back over R100, but here's how to make your own decorative mirror on the cheap...

Make a modular coffee table

Shop around for a modular coffee table like this one in a furniture store and you could easily end up paying over R1000 each. Make it yourself and you'll spend around R600... for the set!

Make a 4-poster bed

Making a 4-poster bed is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. If you consider that a 4-poster bed is simply a timber frame assembled with basic woodworking techniques and a few power tools. Here's how simple it is to make a 4-poster bed.

Toybox on wheels

You can use any box to make a portable toybox. All you need are four castor wheels and some Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and you have a portable toybox that can go anywhere! Designed by Erin Loechner at Design for Minikind.

Make decorative wall sconces

This super easy project is one that anyone can do on the super cheap.  I wanted some nice wall sconces for my guest bath downstairs.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend on the overpriced ones that I did find. .

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Make a storage caddy

In this project we show you how to use clean plastic bottles to make a storage caddy. This handy caddy can be used in a kitchen for storing mail, in a home office, in a craft or hobby room, or even in a child’s bedroom for corralling stationery supplies.

Easy picture frames

In Issue 6 of Easy DIY magazine I show you how easy it is to make your own picture frames using tongue and groove. These easy picture frames can be finished in a variety of ways to look stunning and professional, and you can hang them indoors or outdoors.

Make a wall-mounted bedside cabinet

I think the idea of having a wall-mounted bedside table is great. It takes up less room than a free-standing bedside table, it's easier to clean the bedroom, and you can even use the space underneath for a storage basket if you need to.

Build a basic dining table and benches

with all the required PAR pine you can build this dining room set or patio set with a few basic tools. We used a pockethole jig for invisible joins and easy assembly.

Build a basic deck

Not only gorgeous to look at, building your own freestanding deck allows you to set up an entertainment area wherever you like, without having to spend money on plans and waiting months for approval.

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