Handy DIY keypad holder

My desk is usually choc full of stuff  and it reaches the stage where I have to move piles around just to find a pen. I decided to make a holder to fit over  the top of my PC keypad where I can conveniently store items I use everyday - including a place for my cellphone.



Fold-down craft table or workbench

Quite a few readers have asked me to make a drop-down craft table similar to the one shown here. I decided to modify the design slightly to make a simple drop-down table that can be used as a craft table or workbench



Fold-down dining table

You can make this wall-mounted dining table or desk using laminated pine or 16mm marine plywood and leave as is or stain and varnish in your choice of finish, or you can make using 16mm MDF and paint to match your existing decor.



Colourful storage boxes

Here's an easy way to make colourful storage cubes using some PAR pine, a few tools and some Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. You can stack up the storage cubes to make a colourful display that would look great in a child's bedroom or playroom.



Dual-purpose table for family games

You can set up this games table for family fun indoors or out and create your own board designs if you want to play more than one game at a time. The games table is large enough to comfortably allow for four players.



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Child's bed with bookshelf or storage headboard

In a small bedroom this child's bed with its bookshelf or storage headboard takes up no additional space and offers a place to store books and small toys.



How to make an easy trestle desk

What makes this project simple is that you use a ready-made pine slat door and a couple of pine trestles - all of which you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. However, making your own basic pine trestles will cut down on the total cost to make this trestle desk.



3-in-1 table

Made from 16mm marine plywood (with meranti veneer) this 3-in-1 table is quick and easy to make if you have all your boards cut to size and assemble using a biscuit joiner.



Easy plywood study desk

This marine plywood desk is super easy to make and can be done in a day. Dress up a child's bedroom with a compact and practical desk. Mount recycled paint cans spray painted in bold Rust-Oleum spray paint colours for storage or display.


Bookshelf for books and toys

Our MDF bookshelf offers plenty of storage for books and toys for a child's bedroom. You will only need half a sheet of 16mm MDF to make the bookshelf and have board left over to make a second bookcase, or for another project.


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Outdoor storage coffee table

A couple of months back we featured step-by-step instructions for making an outdoor sofa. In this project we made a storage coffee table, so that we can store the upholstered seat cushions when not in use and make sure they are kept dry.


Side table that's also a pet bed

Here's a space saving solution that is not only a side table - it also doubles as a pet bed. Ideal for a small home with pampered cats or dogs, you won't need to make space for an additional pet bed and can modify the size to make a coffee table using 16mm marine plywood.


Make a wood knife block

You can make your own knife block using offcuts of PAR pine or meranti and have a practical knife block that holds all our kitchen knives for easy access and also out of harms way if there are young children in the house.


Hanging bedside shelf

Make using a piece of pine or a circular pine chopping board, some scrap leather or pleather and lighting cable you can easily make a hanging shelf for both sides of the bed.



How to make a DIY shelf unit

Use meranti to make a simple yet practical wall-mounted shelf unit. For this shelf we show you two methods of joining the boards together; using a biscuit jointer or using a Kreg pockethole jig.


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Basic wood cube modular storage units

Over the years I have often extolled the uses for a basic cube, whether you add a shelf, a couple of drawers, or a door, you can make basic cubes out laminated pine, meranti or your choice of hardwood. So simple to make yet stunning when put together.


Cheat's diamond-tufted ottoman

After this weekend I had spare pieces leftover from the DIY Divas ottoman workshop and decided to show you an easy way to get the look of diamond-tufted upholstered pieces... with a small cheat!


Drop-leaf desk

This compact wall-mounted desk has a drop-down flap that serves as a worktop for a laptop that takes up very little space in a small home office or child's bedroom.



Storage bookcases for home office

When you work from home, whether full time or part time, storage is essential. Building a couple of side-by-side bookcases using MDF provides ample storage for files and storage baskets, and even space to include a few decorative accessories.


Sandpit with seating and lid

Young children love a sandpit and can spend hours with a bucket and spade make sandcastles and having fun. This sandpit has a lid that can be easily placed over the top to keep out cats and ensure the sand stays clean.


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Outdoor dining tables you can make

If you haven't yet set up a space for outdoor dining, we have put together a collection of gorgeous outdoor dining that will inspire you to grab your power tools and some wood, or shop around for affordable alternatives.


Add trim to hollow-core door

In this DIY project we show how easy it is to transform plain hollow-core doors into a feature using inexpensive pine moulding. It is a simple and affordable way to add detailing to boring doors and one that you can easily do in a day.


DIY pullout trouser rack

Adding a pullout trouser rack or two allows you to easily sort your clothes and frees up hanging space. Using this design you can make a 'his' and 'hers' pullout trouser rack to replace two shelves in a small cupboard.


Reclaimed wood table for the garden

Use reclaimed wood or a pallet to fashion a rustic wood table for your garden or patio. Many stores that stock large appliance and furniture use wood pallets and it's just a matter of finding one that is willing to let you take a pallet, either free or at a small cost.


Make a simple storage headboard

This storage headboard adds easy storage above and at the sides of a bed, and we provide instructions to make the storage headboard for any size of bed.



3-Level bunk beds for small bedroom

After featuring the article on finding space in a small bedroom for more beds, and finding the instructions for making a 3-level bunk bed, I thought it would be nice to provide metric measurements and options for using local materials.


Easy barn style sliding door

Turn a plain hollow core door into a trendy barn-style door using pine and supawood strips and some Pattex No More Nails adhesive. Attach a sliding mechanism and free up room in your living spaces.


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